Top 15 Beer Brands That Are Loved In India

There’s one thing we ought to thank the British for and that is for presenting beer in India. Regardless of whether Benjamin Franklin said it or not, beer is for sure a proof that God adores us and needs us to be upbeat. Have a go at considering what’s more satisfying than a decent tall glass of a top-notch beer on a hot searing bright day, combined with pizza or any event. We’ll wait for your thought on this but till then take a look at these 15 types of beer that are the best and loved by most of us.


This generally accessible very much perceived beer brand is without a doubt the “lord of good occasions”. Manufactured by United Breweries Group – drove by the scandalous Vijay Mallya, this is accommodating ale. The taste at first is harsh for the taste buds but after some wait it becomes wonderfully high on the sense of taste. A basic malty pleasantness at that point supplements this. Its usual light taste is likely why Kingfisher is generally adored among the beer fans and standing out in spite of a few capable contenders.

Note- Pair it with some peanuts or chilli paneer.

Variants- Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Blue, Kingfisher strong and Kingfisher Premium.


If solid beers cause you to feel blasted right away, at that point Tuborg ought to be your decision. With a liquor level of just 4.8%, Tuborg is a base aged ale beer. Preparing it on ale malt brings about its notable gentle, new taste with the smell of blossoms. This medium rich and energetic beverage has a moderate sharpness in the trailing sensation. It tastes uncommon when swallowed down with light suppers, for example, plates of mixed greens and hot Asian dishes and is perfect for any event, be it an evening gathering, show or anyplace with your friends and family.

Variants- Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Green and Tuborg Classic.

Bira 91

Move over standard beers, Bangalore’s Bira 91 is another child on the beer square assuming control over the market by storm. How is Bira unique about other people, you may inquire. Throughout the years, there have been numerous adjustments in beer. Craft beer is one of them. Dissimilar to mass-created beer, craft brewers have set up predominant quality just as supportable development. Craft brewers have made a various blending society on the planet, and this is the place Bira comes in. India is a developing business sector for beer and Bira has coordinated its passage consummately. Remembering Indians, Bira tastes low in sharpness with a trace of hot citrus and a delicate completion. A reviving throughout the day craft beer!

Variants- Bira Blonde, Bira White Ale, Bira Light, Bira Pale Al and Bira Strong Ale.


In contrast to different beers, Heineken blends its beers in level tanks for an increasingly particular flavour and consistency. One of the most universally perceived beers, Heineken comes directly from Holland and into your heart. It is somewhat more grounded than different mass-delivered ale drinks and likely a small piece superior to other people. Attempt the beer for yourself, and you’ll make out that this beer is progressively flavourful. Why? While beers are by and large prepared for a fortnight, Heineken blends their beers for twofold the time – nearly 30 days – Resulting in a full-flavour beer.

Variants- Heineken premium beer and Heineken Draught.


Carlsberg is one more light-tasting beer. A reviving and interestingly characterful Pilsner with a malty spine and adjusted harshness and “most likely the best beer on the planet.” This light yellow ale leaves a mellow, hoppy sharpness on your tongue. The prevalent quality European Barley gives Carlsberg a one of a kind rich taste, making the drinking experience smoother for the individuals who welcome the remarkable flavor and assortment of premium beers.

Variants- Carlsberg Smooth and Carlsberg Elephant.


Goa and Kings go hand-in-hand. Goa’s Kings are for sure the kings in the beach city and have begun moving the country over. Produced using the best maize chips and jumps, this beverage is best appreciated on the beachside. Each taste guarantees the ideal mix of taste and everlasting recollections. Their beers are quietly base matured at low temperatures for a fresh flavor.

Variants- Kings maxx, Kings Pilsner and Kings Strong.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a Belgian pilsner with liquor content running somewhere in the range of 4.8% and 5.2%. Energetic about their beers, this organization has a 9 stage pouring custom to guarantee the ideal taste. Stella Artois is an occasional beer and ought to be poured over amid critical festivals.


In present occasions when rivalry is relentless, Budweiser still leads in the US as well as in India and it is extraordinary when compared to other selling beer marks in India. There is a sweet rice flavor and a pinch of severe jumps. With a taste so light this beverage is intended to be chugged down the throat while either viewing your preferred football player running towards the objective or when the ping pong ball discovers its way inside a cup brimming with this light yellow shaded beverage. Budweiser never neglects to fulfil.

Variants- Budweiser magnum and Budweiser Premium.



Is it safe to say that you are among the individuals who can’t stand a beer’s severe taste? Corona is only for you. Corona has been prepared in Mexico since 1925. With an invigorating, smooth taste, Corona is an even-keeled ‘Cerveza’ with fruity-nectar smells and a bit of malt. The flavour is fresh and even among bounces and malt. Even though this beverage isn’t supported by genuine “bitter-beer” consumers, it is generally picked by the ones who are tired of the standard beer taste – Bitter! The main drawback of this brewski is that it is anything but a modest one.

Variants- Corona Light and Corona Extra.

Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is a high selling beer brand in India with more than 10 million units sold yearly. The organization began its deal in 1983. The beer is prepared with top-notch malt and is generally known for its smooth however well solid taste.


Simba is high in quality and chemical-free. Made in small batches at breweries in India, their beer is made by scouting the finest hops and malts in Germany. Simba will become your go-to drink if mild beers are your thing.

Variants- Simba light, Simba Wit, Simba Stout and Simba Strong


Sandpiper is a sweetish caramel, nutty and toffee apple enhanced brilliant lager. This beer is particularly accessible in Mahabaleshwar. This beer can turn into your ideal best buddy and I STAND by that.

White owl

Joining the new world and old-world fermenting styles, each group of White Owl Beer is prepared with adoration and care by beer drinkers (lovers). Begun as a microbrewery selling crafted beer in Mumbai, White Owl has now extended to 5 litres parties and 330ml containers.

Variants- Now or Never, Ace, Diablo, Spark, Pauline, Shadow, Spike and torpedo.

Hopper beer

The most current expansion to the rundown of beers in India, Hopper beer is a Belgian craft beer with a 124-year-old fermenting inheritance. With a mix of wheat, grain, coriander seeds (for a trace of zest), sweet-smelling bounces, Curaçao orange strips, this should be the most delightful beer you could’ve tasted.

Variants- Hopper withier and Hopper Blonde.

Lion Beer

Lion Beer is an honour winning result of Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC. The beer is sweetish with fewer bounce notes. The fragrance is fruity with traces of caramel.

Variants- Lion lager, Lion stout and Lion strong.

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