Top 15 Diets That You Can Try

In present times, the advent of food delivering apps and the presence of fast-food chains combined with a sedentary lifestyle has contributed towards the majority of people becoming unhealthy and obese. Obesity, as well known, has very dire and frightening effects on people’s health. The problems caused due to obesity range from heart diseases to type 2 diabetes, both life-threatening in manner. Also, not everyone has the time or access to private trainers and gym, so these diets provide very much needed detox of our body and help in moderating our healthy food intake.

5:2 diet

More popularly known as Intermittent Fasting, In this diet, an individual decides a duration of time during which they will fast and in another time frame they are allowed to eat anything. It’s like regular fasts that our practiced in several religions, it is said to decrease obesity and hypertension. It is also divided into several types such as Alternate-day fasting, Periodic Fasting, and time-restricted feeding.

Plant-Based Diet

The plant-based diet is not a novel concept, several people around the globe have been on it because of poverty, etc. This diet differs from vegan-ism in the sense that it includes plant-derived grains, fruits, cereals, etc along with dairy and eggs but no animal meat. The plant-based diet has been mentioned to reduce cancer risks along with some mental health illness.

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is currently in trend and lots of people on social media circles have gotten results by following it. This includes low carbohydrates and increased fat intake body converts carbs into glucose that provide an energy source to the brain but in case of shortage, the liver starts burning fat converting it into fatty acids and ketones to act as an energy source, hence the name.

Paleo Diet

Also known as the Paleolithic Diet, this diet includes the consumption of food available during the Paleolithic era. Intake of processed food such as sugar, coffee, dairy, etc is not allowed whereas wild fruits are prominent food. Paleo diet is said to provide various benefits such as improved metabolism, better sleep and clearer skin with healthy hair, etc.

Vegan Diet

Vegan is a diet which is costly and hard to follow but the major motive is noble, vegans believe in the veneration of animals and advocate against animal cruelty. The diet includes leafy vegetables, nuts, cereals, grains anything that is not animal derived including dairy products such as milk and cheese.

Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets include the consumption of fruits and vegetable raw because raw foodies believe food is most nutritious in that state, they avoid eating anything cooked at a temperature over 118 degrees. Processed food is avoided and only organic food is consumed although it includes both meat and vegetables, this diet helps bring down cholesterol and triglyceride level.

Gluten-free Diet

A gluten-free diet was first introduced for people who were allergic to gluten, a substance found in wheat and barley but gradually nonallergic people too started following it because of its overall effect on the weight and other areas of human physic. It helps prevent celiac disease along with a boost in energy levels and decrements in overall weight.

Macrobiotics Diet

This diet is derived from Zen Buddhism where it is said to eat food by balancing the yin and yang energy-related to them. It encourages the intake of plant-based, naturally grown foods while preventing or reducing animal products. It promotes the idea that each food consists of yin and yang energy where one dominates more than others and hence be balanced by taking food in moderate quantities.

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet does not rely heavily on reducing food intake instead it allows variation of food in a person’s regular diet. It includes the consumption of olive oil, legumes, and vegetables with moderate consumption of fish or dairy. The American Heart Association has recommended the diet for its ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases and such.


DASH diet is one of the top diets recommended by medical professionals for healthy living, it is effective in controlling hypertension without medication assistance. It generally includes common vegetables, legumes, and grains, etc while suggests reducing sodium and sugar intake along with red meat. It also helps in strengthening bones and prevents osteoporosis.

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is a three-phase diet that entails the ingestion of foods that score low on the glycemic scale. The food plan includes food that is rich in protein and fats although it does not completely forego the carbohydrates. Its first phase is said to cause nausea, bad breath, irritation, etc , despite this, it is still a popular dieting method among people.

Cabbage soup Diet

This intensive diet is a 7-day process where a person only ingests cabbage soup for rapid weight loss. The diet has garnered severe critiques from medical professionals around the globe who state that weight loss is in terms of water not fat and it is very dangerous to go on that long without proper protein and other vital nutrients intake.

Monotrophic Diet

This diet involves eating only one kind of food item such as apple, milk, etc depending upon personal preference. This diet has been known to be followed by several historic figures and is not recommended by doctors because of the intensity. Having only one food item as a meal has several disadvantages that contribute to the deterioration of health.

Juice fasting

This detox diet allows the consumption of juices only and no intake of solid food is allowed during the whole diet. It is said to clear the body of the toxins and may last from a day to a week depending upon the person. The diet has invited loads of criticism, several medical professionals warn against it because of health hazards such as low blood pressure, dizziness, etc.

Soft diet

A mechanical soft diet is prescribed to people who suffer from dental problems or have a hard time swallowing. This includes food that is soft to chew such as applesauce, bananas and fruit juices, etc. It is also advised to people with acid reflux, this diet helps the patients recovering from surgeries, the transition from liquid to solid food while alleviating stomach-related discomfort are its main goals.

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