Top 15 Famous Dishes Of Bihar You Must Try

The one-state which has always been in the headlines is Bihar. And most of the time, Bihar has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But amidst all these, the delicacies of Bihar should not be missed. These dishes will make you forget about the diet plan.

So, without wasting much time, here is the list of some of the Bihari dishes, which can make you fall in love with Bihar.

Litti Chokha

This particular dish does not need any introduction. Litti Chokha has earned its image as the famous dish of Bihar on a national level. And the best thing is that you do not require many ingredients and time to prepare this dish. Just bake some stuffed wheat dough and serve it with some mashed vegetables. Your healthy and tasty snack is ready to eat. 


If you ever have a Bihari friend, then you must have heard the name of Chhath pooja and the Thekua. Thekuas are basically the sweetened version of the pooris. Also, the dough for the Thekuas is not as soft as that of puri. So, while preparing the dough of Thekuas, you have to be careful with the consistency of water in it. 


Khaja is one of the famous sweets of Bihar. And it is mostly prepared during marriages. Made from all-purpose flour and sugar syrup, Khaja is a crunchy and crispy delight for anyone.  


Most of the Bihari desserts are prepared from sugar syrup and all-purpose flour. But each dessert has its own taste and richness. Khurma is also a sweet made by deep-frying and then dipping them in sugar syrup. After some time, the sugar syrup crystallizes, forming a beautiful white layer of sugar and love. 

Kadhi Badi

Kadhi is a famous savory dish that is prepared not just in Bihar but in almost every household of India. However, Biharis add the extra touch in the recipe by adding the Badis. In Bihar, it is an everyday dish, but it is compulsory to prepare this recipe on Holi. You can serve kadhi Badi with rice or bread, depending on your choice and mood. 

Laung Latika

Laung Latika is a traditional Bihari dish prepared with flour, stuffed khoya, and then dipped in the sugar syrup. And as per the name, a Laung is added on the top of it to enhance the flavor. 

Parwal Ki Mithai

I know you all must be wondering how can Parwal be eaten as a dessert. But trust me once you will taste you will never hate the Parwal again. To make this dessert, you have to take our the pulp of Parwal and then boil in the sugar syrup and fill it with khoya. 


Another sweet dish prepared mainly on the occasion of Holi is Malpua. It is a crispy, as well as a soft delight that is served with any vegetable on the side.

Chana Ghughani

Prepared from Chickpeas, Chana Ghughani is a healthy and tasty snack from Bihar. To make Chana Ghughani, you first need to soak the chickpeas in water and then toss it in the fried masalas. And your dish is ready to serve. 

Makhana Kheer

Kheer is something with which everyone is familiar. But what makes this Makhana Kheer of Bihar different from others is its sweet and mild salty taste of Makhana. For those who do not know, Makhana is a nut which has some salty and nutty flavor. 

Kala Jamun 

Kala Jamun is a Bihari take of Bengali dish. It is prepared from Mawa, Khoya, milk, and sugar. At some places, these Kala Jamun are called as Patnua. 

Mutton Kebabs

Now, I know the kebabs are the famous cuisine of Lucknow. But trust me, You need to try the Mutton Kebabs of Bihar. These kebabs carry a rich history of Bihar and taste. And just the aroma of it is enough to make you fall in love with this dish. 

Sattu ka Sharbat

Now, Sattu ka Sharbat is not a dish but a drink and is mainly served during summers. In some parts, people also use this Sattu as stuffing to make tasty puris. The Sattu Ka Sharbat can be sweet or salty, depending on the choice of the people. 


Chandrakala, also known as Gujia, is another sweet delight from Bihar. It is also prepared from flour, khoya, and sugar syrup. The most famous Chandrakala is of Gaya.  

Daal Pitha

Dall Pitha is the Bihari version of momos. Prepared from rice flour and lentil paste, Daal Pitha is one of the quintessential dishes of Bihar. And if you have any problem with rice flour, then you can use wheat flour. 

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