Top 15 Popular Cat Breeds From Around The World

Cat, the majestic feline you can’t help but be smitten with, with their adorable eyes, wacky moods, and sarcastic nature they capture hearts and attention of any person. It is said that in the past cats were worshiped by Ancient Egyptians who tend to shave their eyebrows after their pet died, now that’s devotion. In this list, we’ll talk about different breeds of cats that might just capture your fancy.


Aegean cats are known to have originated from Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea, they are generally found in Turkey and Greece where they are also considered as a national treasure. They have been kept as pets for a long time and have adapted well with humans, they are known to be playful and jovial.


This cat is also known as the sacred cat of Burma, its name itself is derived from the french word for the country. It is a popular domestic cat that has a long and rich history although its origin is still a work of speculation. It is popular for its distinguished gloved paws that are symmetrical with each other and eyes of striking colors.

Bombay Cat

Bombay cats are aptly nicknamed mini panthers because of their all-black coat, nose and face included. They are highly suitable for children because of their social and attention paying nature besides these cats love the interaction and have effective bonds with family members.

Exotic Shorthair

These cats are the short hair version of Persian cats and share several similarities, except the short hair, with them. They are ideal pet cats for urban people as they are calm and social compared to other cats, they also prefer the presence of the owner in the house. Their hair also needs less human intervention and they do not shed much either.

Japanese Bobtail

Their bobtail is their most distinctive feature as it looks more like that of a rabbit than the cat’s, they are common breed found in Japan initially and are often featured in Japanese culture and folklore. These cats are amiable as well as mischievous, they attract attention by making noises and are seen as great companions.

Khao Manee

An exquisite and rare breed Khao Manee is also quite popularly known as Diamond Eye Cat, they are classically known for their pure white coat and quaint eyes that can also be of different colors sometimes. The breed is said to go hundreds of years back and is popularly known for its intelligent composition and sleek movements.

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats carry along with partial features of both the Persian and the Siamese cats, these cats are named as Himalaya because their fur resembles the color of animals found in that mountain region are known for their coat and point coloration. These cats also have a gentle temperament and are seldom moody besides they like playing the game of fetch.


Korat Cat is seen as the symbol of good luck and is generally gifted to people, these cats have famous bluish-gray hide along with particular green eyes. The documents going back to 1350 CE have their descriptions in them, they have also started to sell recently only before that they were only provided as presents. These cats are acknowledged as intelligent and playful in nature.

Persian Cat

This breed is renowned for their extremely lush and fascinating coat and often require regular maintenance regardless of which they are extremely popular among people. These cats are very friendly and are often compared to dogs besides they also like sleeping a lot. Their fur color varies and their age spans for over a decade or so.

Turkish Van

They have attractive white fur coat with van markings and are very friendly to people as well as other animals that include dogs and cats both. These cats may sometime have odd colored eyes and because of lack of undercoat, they require less maintenance. They also have a long and very rich history going back to Noah’s Ark and are said to have a special affinity towards water.


Siberian cats are the national cat of Russia and are landrace breeds i.e they are natural and have over time adapted to their surroundings. They have a tough coat of fur and keen athletic ability along with lots of strength, they are also very low maintenance and still maintain their lustrous pelage. These cats are very social and good to have around a bustling family with kids and other pets.


Ragdoll cats are extremely affectionate and gregarious which has resulted in them getting nickname puppy cats. These cats have white coats along with colored extremities like nose, ear, and face with lovable blue eyes, the cat also has a tendency to go limp or often relaxed in the person’s arm when picked up which is why they were named ragdoll.


Siamese is a landrace breed hailing from Asia and is known for their striking features like almond blue eyes and slender body. They are said to differ a lot from their ancestors because of frequent cross-breeding, these cats are also known to be very affable and emit a human-like cry to demand attention. Siamese cats are often bought in pairs because they are prone to separation anxiety and depression.

Maine Coon

The largest domestic cat it is said to weigh around 8 kg and is affectionately called gentle giant, they have a dense and hard coat to protect them from the wild and harsh climate. Their disposition is often compared to dogs because of their intelligence and social nature with them being comfortable around children and other animals. They also have an affinity towards the water and like making noises.


One of the most popular breeds around the world these cats have a striking short-haired coat that carries a plethora of colors giving it a thick countenance. They like to play around, are extremely close to their owners, and very cordial to have around. They are also known as ‘ Clowns of the Cat Kingdom’ because of their active and incessant interactions.

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