Top 15 Romantic Books By Indian Authors For Beginners

For those who are unfamiliar with the world of books, it becomes quite difficult for them to choose their first book and genre of the book. That’s why to help some people out, here is a suggestion of 15 romantic books from Indian authors, which are a quick and easy read for the beginners. Now, the reason why I chose the romance genre is that we all have a lover residing inside us. And if you start reading with the books with which you feel connected will increase your curiosity to read more books from other genres too. So, now let’s get started. 

The One You Cannot Have

We all have that one person whom we love, but we can not be with them. And instead of acknowledging the truth, we keep running behind that person, ignoring those who care for us.

Revolving around one such love story of Aman, Shruti, and Anjali, this book deals with the problem of confusion, love failure, and somewhat depression. A quick and easy read for the beginners. 

Author- Preeti Shenoy

A Bollywood Affair

Child marriage is an old and common tradition in our society. But rarely a girl who is married at the age of 4 gets a chance to live her and life fully. A Bollywood Affair is the story of Mili Rathod. She was married at the age of 4 but was allowed to study in America. And after twenty years, his brother-in-law Samer Rathod come to see her and to get the divorce paper sign for his older brother. But in the meanwhile, his brother-in-law falls for her. 

Author-Sonali Dev

A Half Baked Love Story

First love is always special. No matter if it reaches the final destination or not, we remember that one person who taught us the meaning of love.

This book is about that first love of Arav. Arav, who is now a rich spoiled brat. He was once used to be a shy boy who fell in love with a girl. Now, what happens to the love story and why is Arav like this is the story of this book. This book is not just about the love story. It also showcases the reality of our so-called Modern Society.

Author- Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

What best way to start reading a book, which is a love story with a hint of mystery in it? This book has a story within the story. A girl who has just lost her mother and out of nowhere meets a boy who tells her an unreal love story. The storyline of this book is quite different from other books. 

Author-Vikrant Khanna

Two States

Probably the only book of Chetan Bhagat, which I like, is the Two states. Two States is a story of two college sweethearts belonging to two different state and cultures of our country. Along with the romance, this novel also touches on the subject of domestic violence. 

Author- Chetan Bhagat

Untruly Yours

With only 146 pages, Untruly Yours will be a quick and easy book to start reading. This book is about the story of Natasha, who is happily married(or as it seems) to her husband. But the real mess starts when she gets a call from her ex. 

Author- Smita Shetty

If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love

Durjoy Dutta is a renowned name in the romance genre. And in this, he proved it yet again that why people love his writings so much.

The story of this revolves around a half-burnt diary, discovered by Deb. After reading the story of the dairy, Deb decided to return this dairy for whom it was written. If you want to read a book that has a combo of romance and suspense, then you should read this book. 

Author- Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh

Till The Last Breath

Can you imagine falling in love with someone while being on the death bed? Well, Till the last Breath is a story of two patients whose love starts to blossom when they meet each other in a hospital. And while the doctors who are treating them have their own demons from the past, with which they are fighting every day. 

This book is another best work from Durjoy Dutta.

Author- Durjoy Dutta

The Thing Between You And Me

Some selections are difficult to make. When you have to choose between the love of your life and the thing which you always wanted, what will you choose? Saransh is going through the same situation. How will he overcome it is the story of this book. The thing between you and me is the most realistic and one of the best romantic novels to start reading. 

Author- Sagar

The Other Side Of The Bed

Losing your loved one in a bomb blast is a painful thing. And the same has happened with Nakul. After one month of a successful marriage, he lost his wife in a bomb blast. The trauma with which he is going through. And the journey of his recovery from his grief is the story of this book. 

Author- Bhavya Kaushik

You Are The Password To My Life

Breaking the stereotypes like a boy and a girl can never be friends, this book is different from usual love stories. This book is about true friendship, understanding, and the importance of friends in our life. 

Author-Sudeep Nagarkar

My Ex Fell In Love

Not all love stories are meant to be serious and touching. Some love stories can have humor too. My ex fell in love is a hilarious tale of two-person, totally opposite and having different goals from life, falling in love and dealing with the after-effects of it. 

Author-Shubham Chaudhary 

Just Married, Please Excuse Us

As the name already suggests, this book is about a married couple who are just opposite to each other. And, even after becoming parents, their conflicts did not come to an end. How will their story end, and will they ever be able to understand each other? 

Author- Yashodhara

Truly, Madly, Deeply

 This book is about a teenage love story that could not reach its destination because of the misunderstandings between the two lovers. And after a few years, Rahul decides to win her love back. This book is the only Indian book in the Top 100 YA Global Fiction list.

Author- Faraaz Kaazi

Ouch! That Hearts

We have often heard that long-distance relationships never survive. But rejecting these notions, Kanav and Tanya were managing their relationship very smoothingly. After six months of separation, when the time for their meeting was finally arriving, the differences between them started growing. What happens next? Will their love survive is the story of this book.

Author-Harsh Snehanshu

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