Top 15 Types Of Wood We Encounter Every Day And Must Know About

In our own homes and offices, we are continuously surrounded by things that have wood as the main component; from buildings to some small collector’s item, from furniture in our living room to a ladle used in the kitchen we come across a variety of woods in our day to day lives. According to the norms woods are classified into different categories and subcategories depending upon the usage and area of interest, in this list, we’d briefly explain different types of wood and it’s related employment.

Alder Wood

This honey-colored wood comes under the family of hardwoods and is currently one of the most in-demand wood because of its durability. It can withstand the drilling action, can be cut easily, and it is able to absorb the external pressure such as heavy foot traffic effectively without breaking or cracking. It is used majorly to build furniture and make things that usually need intricate carvings.

Teak Wood

Teak wood is among the most expensive woods available in the market. The wood is derived from the tree which takes about 80 years to mature which is why the furniture made from this wood is heavily priced. Teak itself is very durable, it is acknowledged for its resistance to weather conditions and was used in medieval times for making ships. It also has a sophisticated and regal appearance making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture.

Cedar Wood

Cedarwood has several properties such as strength, resilience, and rot resistance which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor settings such as decks, fences around the property, etc. Its quality to repel insects also comes in handy as it provides the wood natural protection and long life, the furniture made from cedar is said to last for more than 30 years. This wood also has medicinal and aromatic qualities which are used for commercial purpose.

Ash Wood

Ash tree has multiple species that are broadly classified into two types namely white and black wood, the wood is chosen depending on the application. It is high in density but light in weight, it also has good shock resistance and because of all these qualities, it is majorly used in the manufacturing of hockey sticks and baseball bats. It replaced oak wood because it was able to absorb the shock of high-speed deliveries and didn’t completely shatter into pieces when broken.

Birch Wood

Birchwood is the most cost-effective option it has all the desirable qualities such as robustness and simultaneous flexibility which are ideal for woodwork. Additional features include good resonance attributes, music drums nowadays are made up entirely of birch wood instead of maple because of it being a tonewood. Veneers are the other thing derived from this wood and are used in the production of plywood.

Hemlock Wood

Hemlock is quite frail in comparison to other rivals, it is used mostly for construction purposes because it splinters easily and cannot be used for outdoor areas without any protection shield. Although it does have a nonyielding nature and stress resistance which makes it appropriate for ladder construction and other things such as plywood and crates.

Fir Wood

Firwood retains its strength and shape for a long period in comparison to other wood options and is used in outdoor construction works mostly. It is quite inexpensive and resistant to weather which is why it is classically used for the patio furniture, the effect of humidity on the wood can also be reduced with the help of coating and varnish.

Oak Wood

Oak has been used traditionally to make home furniture as it provided the distinctive and elegant appearance because of its light shade, the coloration of the wood is said to depend upon the various varieties of oak wood and can be chosen as needed. It is used for making kitchen accessories such as ladle and chopping board as well because it does not stain very easily and is considered waterproof.

Rose Wood

This tree is popularly known as Sheesham in India, it is named as Rosewood due to its sustaining smell which stays strong over long periods. One of the most sought after woods in the country because of its sturdiness as well as polished appearance it is used to build cabinets, and musical instruments such as guitar or cello as it has tonewood qualities as well.

Sal Wood

Sal wood is always used for interior doors and windows because it resists fungus as well as termites. It is not suitable for furniture as it gets easily damaged when subjected to the process of drilling and sawing which are basic requirements when it comes to furniture building. Sal lacks physical pliancy and does not have any affinity to polish.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is one of the most exquisite and upmarket of the woods available in the market. It is used by professionals such as lawyers and politicians in their offices because of its intimidating aura, the wood has garnered much appreciation from the people around the world and across the time. It is hard bearing in nature and is frequently used in the construction of library floors, musical instruments, interior furnishing, etc.

Cherry Wood

This reddish-brown lumber comes with all the benefits possible for a log making it one of the most desired woods to work upon. It resists several cutting and sawing activities without any change in its integrity. Cherry wood is easily available in the market, the freshly cut wood from the tree is very light in color but it matures to dark with time giving it the signature reddish hue with dark brown in it.

Maple Wood

Used by woodworkers because of the flaxen color it is good in resisting the water and is mostly used in the construction of indoor furniture because of the unyielding nature. Instead of home, one can also encounter the maple wood in the construction of bowling alleys and pool tables. It is also a tonewood that makes it apt for musical instruments too such as violins and flutes.

Walnut Wood

Walnut tree has a rich dark color along with the hard and coarsely grained characteristic making it popular among the people. When freshly cut the wood has a similar light color like other wood counterparts but the color matures with time and becomes dark. It is used to build cabinets as well as to make weapons such as Rifle because of its durability.

Mango Wood

Mango tree provides several different things apart from the fruit it is most famously known for, trees offerings include affordable timbre. This greenish-brown wood with fine-grained texture is a more affordable choice for people who cannot afford original oak or cherry. Mango wood has a long life and is generally waterproof with strength matching that of cherry wood.

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