Top 20 Extinct Things in India! *heartbreaking*

India is very strong in its traditional grip. Everything done here continues for a long time and becomes part of our culture. Certain things too, along the way, become just as deep and meaningful to us. But with today’s fast pace dynamics, there are certain things that have finally become extinct. Here are 20 things that have today become extinct in India and will definitely drive you down the memory lane.

1. Maruti 800:

Reminiscing those days when you’d see Maruti 800s flooding the Indian roads. These cars were small, affordable, and comfortable. The feel of the car was almost as if you were being dragged on the floor, it was so close to the ground. An extinct object today, we can assume that its poor cooling system just couldn’t keep up with global warming. 

maruti 800
source: rushlane

2. Mattress Fluffers

Running out to your gate just to see “what has come?”. Strumming the string on their cycles, these mattress fluffers go from lane to lane finding customers in the scorching heat. We have to agree that as kids they really scared us. 

mattress fluffers
source: cnn

3. Light Blue Lays 

Not just these but so many other flavors just don’t exist in India anymore. The light blue lays as everyone tends to recall was one of the best flavored lays that is sadly extinct now. Apart from Magic Masala, Orange one, and Green one, we can all agree that the Light Blue Lays reminded us of the good old carefree days. 

light blue lays
source: lay’s

4. Coffee Bite

Hands down the best candy there ever will be. This chocolatey treat just melts in your mouth. At just 50 paise for one, the flavor that this toffee delivered is still unbeatable. There was nothing wrong with this candy and its fan base demands an investigation as to why it’s extinct now. 

coffee bite
source: magicpin

5. BSNL Phone Bill

Those days when we’d talk for hours on the phone because it was settled with a bill later on felt like free money for a moment. The real Diwali in India started here when the phone bill arrives and your parents make you sit down and ask you if you know whose number it was that appeared at least 150 times. 

bsnl bill
source: bsnl speed test

6. Sticker Tattoo

Flex was invented by the 90’s kids when they showed off their wrists with the stickers that came along with the chewing gum. Apart from flexing how large the bubble one could blow, these sticker tattoos separated the cool kids from the boring ones. Some would have superpower importance and some others would just glow in the dark!

sticker tattoo
source: youtube

7. Snake Charmer

They came right out of horror movies. These snake charmers were the ultimate reverse card in India that our parents played when we wanted to go out. “The snake charmer will come and take you”. These snake charmers looked like something out of a Marvel Movie! 

snake charmer
source: huffpost india

8. Fountain Pen

Another flex that is now extinct has to be the fountain pen. The phase of the elite “Parker Ink Pen” has been replaced today with so many other “ball” and “gel” pens but nothing beats the elite fountain pens. These pens required a lot of patience maybe that’s why they’re now extinct! 

fountain pen
source: houstonia magazine

9. Gameboy

The gadget that never caused eye strains and headaches. This gadget was the main source of entertainment at one time. Loaded with around 10 different types of games the gadget somehow still never managed to get the kids so hooked as they are today. 

source: engadget

10. Encyclopedia

The marketing executives would go door to door and whether you buy it or not it was always exciting to watch them unbox the book packages and watch them lure you into buying these fat books filled with tons of information and cool pictures. It was the OG Google. 

source: britanica

11. Lottery Tickets 

The biggest scam in India there ever is but also the scam that provided the most thrill to people. In every market area, you’d see a man standing with a poster of a Car, Bike, and Dinner Set. They didn’t even have to call you. The idea of winning “free” things was enough to lure us into investing in it. 

lottery tickets
source: new indian express

12. Churan Sticks

The OG digestive remedy. Churan sticks came in long plastic packaging with a salty grainy filling. No one cared to guess what it was but it did make us feel lighter on the stomachs and brighter on our faces with smiles and churan sticks of 5 at just ₹10 in our hands. 

churan sticks
source: gozo cabs

13. Mimi mini packets

Before there was “wai wai” noodles, there was Mimi. They were even more flavorful than wai wai noodles. These were mini packets and didn’t need cooking. They were snacks on the go and no one would ever be done with just one packet. 

source: shopee

14. Tiny Utensil Toys

Those days when we played “house-house” were really the best times we might have ever had. Today’s kids will never know the thrill of playing with miniature utensils out in nature. With sand as the rice and leaves as the curry and air as tea, these toys are extinct today and they hold a really deep sentimental value in our memories. 

tiny utensil toys
source: channapatna toys

15. Board Games

No PubG or Clash Of Clans or even Ludo King can beat the excitement of playing Board games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and Chinese Checkers. Sitting with your family and friends in the evening laughing over who loses first. These games may have been the reason people were so much more connected with each other in those days. 

board games
source: dna india

16. Marbles

These mini works of art, every single one unique in its own way could be used to play or just to decorate. In India spheres held more sentimental value than anything for a kid. Losing one would mean the end of the world and finding one meant an addition to life. 

source: kidadl

17. Pheri Wala

Clips, bangles, lipstick, nail polish, the OG Nykaa of India. The Pheri Wala as we called them got us ladies covered! It would take a lot of luck and good hearing capabilities to be able to not miss out on their arrival in your lane. 

source: telegraph india

18. Hair Ribbons

Indians were quite western in their ways. Our ladies would stroll their lanes and even their schools with pretty ribbons on their hair. Be it a bow or an intricate braid, hair ribbons, extinct today, held its beauty and glory back in the times. 

hair ribbons
source: the quint

19. Kerosene Lamp 

Every household would run on this. Giving it a very ancient feel, the calm streets would all be lit with kerosene lamps kept outside everyone’s houses. These lamps were of the most beautiful designs and were very efficient but of course, electricity has overtaken it today. 

kerosene lamp
source: advance science news

20. Nokia 1110:

This phone was a weapon. Replaced today with phones that still can’t compete with how sturdy and efficient this phone was, this phone was a revolution and it still maintains that position. Everyone had it and if we dig deep enough we might actually find it somewhere still strong and shiny, making us smile and reminding us of simpler times. 

nnokia 1110
source: amazon

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