Top 20 Plants To Purify The Indoor Air And Revitalize The Space

With the rise in pollution on a wide global scale, we are seeing unprecedented levels of air quality degradation. With quality being so bad in some cities that breathing it has become equal to smoking two packets of cigarettes every day, we are headed towards a morbid future. These indoor air purifying plants provide a green and easy solution to an otherwise serious problem.

Reed Palm

One of the first plant to come up while searching for indoor air purifying plants reed palm uses include air purification and releasing moisture in a dry atmosphere. It gets rid of highly toxic benzene fumes and noxious formaldehyde that pose serious threats to the health of people.

Spider Plant

One of the most common known air purifier spider plant is known for its ability to produce oxygen after absorbing carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. This non-toxic plant is pet safe and very easy to maintain since it adapts very fast to any environment it is planted in.

English Ivy

English Ivy has a long history as a medicinal plant and is now known for its quality to filter pollutants such as carbon monoxide and toluene from the air. It requires very little sunshine and can be planted anywhere and in any kind of pot or basket for better appearance purposes.

Peace Lily

A very popular choice for indoor offices and home, peace lily offers oxygen at night and increases humidity levels that are good for breathing. This plant prefers a humid corner and requires little sunlight to thrive while filtering highly unwanted trichloroethylene gas.

Snake Plant

This attractive plant is best for people who can’t afford to invest time in maintaining a garden, recommended by scientists and people alike for its health benefits and the filtering attributes because of long leaves a snake plant is an easy and more qualified option for novice plant enthusiasts.

Money Plant

This generic plant seen almost in every other household has several health benefits most people don’t know about. It is said to remove bad smell from home and works as a stress eliminator, it also filters out formaldehyde which is said to cause eye and nose irritation.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a key element in lots of products from medicinal to cosmetic, it provides natural protection against sunburn without any side effect. Aloe Vera doesn’t need to be looked after as much compared to other plants and grows effectively in either bright sun or light shade.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen is a tropical plant and prefers a humid environment to bloom but requires very little sunlight. It also helps in the removal of volatile organic compounds found inside homes from things such as furniture and paints, its power to remove pollutants increases exponentially.

Areca Palms

These plants grow to about 7 feet in height and provide an aesthetic look to any setting they are placed in. With a long age span, these plants ensure the health of people by removing toxic-ant ensuring cleaner rooms and better working respiratory systems.

Flamingo Lily

These plants make for a very thoughtful gift, with its brightly colored leaves it brightens up any space, they are also symbolic of good luck and better relationships. They are advised to keep in workplaces because of their detoxifying ability and aesthetic appeal.

Lily turf

Also known as Monkey Grass, it can be planted in any container and remains green around the year, the grass itself prefers moist soil with definite water intake. It does not grow haphazardly and delivers flowers that bloom around the year and are fragrant in nature.

Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daily has attractive flowers in myriad colors blooming from spring through autumn, they may also bloom in winter if kept near sunlight. These plants absorb benzene vapors caused due to car exhaust etc, that are linked to serious diseases. It is also symbolic of rejuvenation and good energy.

Air Plant

They are officially known as Tillandsia and are an epiphyte meaning they do not grow in soils and take nutrients from other plants, air and etc. They are symbolic of freedom and are able to remove airborne particles most efficiently. They provide oxygen at night and help lower stress levels making it an ideal bedroom plant.

Zanzibar Gem

The ZZ plant has built-in storage to store water and is able to sustain for long periods without water. It has been found that the plant is associated with several benefits such as maintaining blood pressure levels and increase productivity by removing bacteria from the air.

Boston Fern

Ferns add an elegant style to any location and provide much-needed humidity in the dry places, humidity is several times said to help in breathing. Apart from being a great addition to the look of the house, it removes eye irritants and headache-causing particulates from surroundings.

Dragon Tree

There has been seen a direct correlation between the presence of trees in a home and subsequent cognitive function. The dragon tree is another NASA verified plant that removes cancerous airborne compounds and delivers fresh oxygen inside the room through their photosynthesis process.

Rubber Plant

This inexpensive plant is quite ironically symbolized as to bring wealth to the household, it has large glossy leaves that are attractive to look at. The plant leaves break down harmful chemicals in the environment and absorb carbon monoxide, it does not require much water just regular spritz of water is fine.

Jasmine Tree

This indoor plant has anxiety-relieving properties and assists people in having a better night’s sleep by calming the senses. They have fragrant blooms that provide a fresh odor to a room without any outside aid,Jasmine generally requires moist soil and regular watering is suffice.


Another plant that absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen that helps in concentrating and increases productivity levels of people. Rosemary is a perennial plant and hence remains green throughout a year, it is also known for its aromatic presence.


Lavender has great air detoxifying abilities along with a calming presence. It helps in reducing uneasiness and provides an aromatic ambiance that helps in better breathing which aids in better sleep quality. It requires direct sunlight and more care than other alternatives.

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