Types Of Adventure Sports In India

Mostly we all have watched “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani [YJHD]” and would have loved the movie and its character. Most of us would have even related ourselves to the characters of reel life to our real life. Some would relate to Bunny, some to Naina and a few others to Aditi and Avi. But what everyone connected to was the traveler and adventures person bunny was. Because somewhere deep down we all have a hidden traveler and adventures person in us who is just waiting for a right moment, right moment to do all kind of madness, chilling with friends but most importantly living the life to fullest.

Movies play a vital role in our lives some entertain us, some teach us in their own way and with some we grow. Remember Kabir Dewan from “Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara [ZNMD]” and his trip to Spain with his childhood friends to do something adventurous in life. We all want too but the problem is sometimes money is the issue, documents issue or some time distance of the destination. But if I tell you, you can do all those stuff here also in our country with same zeal, fun and enthusiasm then its goanna be dream come true for many of us. Yes!! Due to India’s vast diversity geographically, it offers an array of adventure activities. With increase in craziness and popularity of adventure sports among Indians the list of thrilling activities is increasing day by day. So check out your bucket list:

White Water Rafting

It is an outdoor activity performed using an inflatable raft to cross or navigate in river. This is done on different degrees of rough water. It is a team sport as it involves lot of risk. One gets better in it with experience only. The raft has to be paddle or steered by the person on stern or by using oars. It is a extreme sport and can be fatal. There is a world rafting championship in which different nations participate. In India “Rishikesh” is the destination for white water rafting and waves of “Subansiri” in Arunachal Pradesh are perfect for this thrilling experience and they are pocket friendly as well.


It is also known as”parascending or parakiting”. If you are a lover of speed and flying than this is your chance. It is an activity in which person is attached to a parachute and is dragged or towed with a vehicle and the vehicle drives the person into the air with the help of its wing type parachutes. It is a competition sport in Europe. This activity gives you the aerial view of your location and gives you a totally refreshing experience. The places in India where this sport can be enjoyed are: Goa, Andaman and Coastal towns.

Scuba Diving

This is also a water sport but under water. In this divers use water –breathing apparatus to breathe underwater. Scuba divers have to carry their own breathing gas cylinder, which gives them long under water endurance. This activity has grown in India rapidly as India has a vast coastline and various exotic marine animals and corals to be explored. It gives you a tour of underwater serene. In India this beauty can be enjoyed in”Goa, Pondicherry, Lakshadweep and near the mainland in Karnataka’s Netrani.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking or cycling is not the regular riding we do. It is off road –biking. For this purpose special bikes are designed to increase durability and performance in rough terrain. This sport has gained popularity over a decade now. It has now entered in main stream completions like Red Bull Rampage and FMB World Tour. The variety in geographical terrain India provides there are many places in India where this can be done: Ladakh and Leh, Khardungala and The Western Ghats. Ladakh has become the tourist destination for adventure freaks from all around the world. Heart stopping landscapes gives you memories for a life time to cherish here.


It is a type of activity in which long arduous journey, is taken on foot. India offers some best terrains to trekkers. Its vast topography consists of hillocks to plateaus to mountains which makes it an excellent destination for trekking. Some of the options are: Zanskar Chadar Trek, Roopkund Lake Trek, and Chandratal Trek to Charang valley trek. In short Himachal Pradesh and Leh –Ladakh have most dangerous yet astonishing, inspiring and unbelievable views to offer.

Rock climbing

It is a sport in which participants climb up down or across the natural rock walls. The aim is to reach the destination without falling. It is a physically and mentally demanding activity. It tests your agility, endurance, strength and controlling power. This sport can be performed outdoors and indoors as well but usually people prefer the earlier one due to its location and the obstacles it offers. India has many locations for this activity like: Sar Pass in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh which is located at an altitude of 14000ft or Sikkim, Sattar Valley in Uttarakhnad or Miyar Valley in Western Ghats.

Bungee Jumping

It is an activity in which a person is made to jump from a great height while connected to an elastic cord. One needs a tall structure to fall from like a building, crane or a cliff top. Aircraft can also be used but only that which has the ability to hover above the ground. To enjoy this enthralling experience of lifetime one can go to: Rishikesh, Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Rishikesh is the destination for adventurous sports in India; it provides thrills of highest order.


It is an adventure sport of flying paragliders. Paragliders are light weighted, free –flying aircraft with no prescribed structure. The pilot sits in the harness connected below a fabric wing. Harness provides support in both sitting and standing position. Taking the safety measures a reserve parachute is attached with the paragliding harness. With paragliding one can fly up to few kilometers and fulfill their wish of flying. In India in many states perform paragliding but the capital of paragliding in India is” Bir Billing “a village in Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayas. Kamshet in Maharashtra is the other place for this sport in the west .The sightseeing of this paradise becomes more spellbound when viewed from above.

Flying Fox

It is an outdoor recreational activity also known as “Ziplining”. If you are a superhero fan and want to experience it then bet your money here hero. In this sport free moving pulley is used to ride back and forth of an inclined cable. It is a fun activity.  A few things need to be kept in mind while doing this activity as wear comfortable clothes but not oversized or baggy ones, proper shoes no flip-flops. In India there the number of destination for this sport is increasing day by day. Currently one can go Neemarana outside Delhi, here Neemarana fort is a tourist attraction for this activity only. Kikar Lodge in Punjab and Munnar in Kerala to absorb and sink in the beauty of this lush green hill station.  If this is not in your bucket list make sure you write it down.


The most common adventure sport in everybody’s list added after watching Imran in [ZNMD]. In this sport one has to jump from thousands of feet in the sky and land safely with the help of a parachute. Fly free like a bird but with an expert. The best place in India for skydiving is “Amby valley” in Maharashtra its gives you some breath taking aerial views to remember and cherish for life time. Some other locations are Mysore in Karnataka, Dhana in Madhya Pradesh and Deesa in Gujarat. If you have a fear of height than you must do it and conquer it.

Fly boarding

It is a type of water sport which has gained immense popularity in a short period of time.  It uses a hydroflighting device which provides propulsion to drive the device i.e. the fly board into the air. The rider is connected by a hoarse to a watercraft with a pair of boots which provides thrust for the rider to fly. This is new activity in the venture so this could be in your bucket list if it’s still not there. In India this sport can be seen at Goa, the ultimate water sport destination and Gokarana too.


If you are a snow lover i.e. admirer of winter season then this is your season and sport to enjoy. Basically it means using a transport to glide or walk on snow. Now it has become competitive winter sports. India has places like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand that get covered with layers of thick white sheets of snow during winter and looks like heaven on earth. What could be the best way to explore heaven then skiing. Skiing in Gulmarg is like a visual treat to eyes. The beauty of the terrain leaves everyone flabbergasted. It’s once in a lifetime experience.


Love exploring the unexplored. History and its dark and unknown facts attract you then this activity is made for you guys. For others it may be some pastime activity but for some it is study and study of caves and the cave environment is called speleology. There are many undiscovered caves in India and this act also helps in exploring that particular region. Caving is conducted by only certified professionals. Indian state Meghalaya hosts some deepest caves the longest one here is around 21 km. You can try some other caves like Aurangabad caves, Araku valley, Badami caves and Khandagiri caves.

Dune Bashing

It is an activity of driving a vehicle in desert sand like jeep, car or high-power quad bikes. It is an adventurous sport but level of adventure greatly depends on driver. Vehicles go non-stop up and down in dunes like a fast roller coaster ride. In India Rajasthan is the only state where it can be organized and Jaisalmer tops the chart due to abundance of sand dunes. So if you think you are a great driver think again.


Canyoning is a travelling technique in canyons that requires different techniques of rope work, climbings, jumps and swims. It is done in remote areas that require navigation, route finding and other wilderness travel skills. The canyons that are good for canyoning are found into bedrock stones. It requires great stamina and energy for this activity. In India the best place to experience this thrill is in “Dandeli” in Karnataka.


It is again a water sport in which surfer rides on the face of moving wave with the help of board. Usually the waves which are suitable for surfing are found in oceans but now artificial waves are also created using boats. This sport is going to make its Olympic debut in the year 2021. In India one can enjoy surfing in Kovalam as it has surf schools there and in Goa, Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram too.


Moving of Kayak across water is known as kayaking. Kayak is a small narrow water boat which is propelled by double-bladed paddle. It is different from canoeing by the number of blades and paddles.  Most kayaks have closed decks. Kayaks are useful for various outdoor activities like: fishing, diving and for search and rescue operations during flood. To enjoy this soothing and relaxing activity “Aguada and Mandovi river in Goa, Zanskar River and Teesta river in Sikkim “are recommended.

Wildlife Safari

India is a home for many exotic wildlife species. This adventurous trip cannot be completed without visiting them. Explore variety of animals in different safaris. One can visit “Gir National Park for Asiatic lions to Sunderbans National park for tigers.

These are the top adventure sports in India. Some may be scary some may be fun but one thing is guaranteed that all of them will break the monotonous schedule we all are living and surprises us with other side of us which is left unexplored. So hey wanderer let’s find ourselves in this fast moving world. Happy travelling.

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