Types Of Alternatives For Chinese Apps

Boycotting Chinese apps is quite a trending topic during coronavirus. Covid-19 gave the world a million reasons to hate China. China not only spread this deadly virus into our world but also tricked the world by providing fake COVID-kits and fake COVID patient count. China has a great monopoly around the world in every field, whether it’s mobile apps, electronic appliances, etc. Ther have destroyed our local market, ultimately our economy. Using Chinese products will boost there economy, therefore we must try to Ban Chinese products and use local stuffs to help rebuild our country’s economy. 

Helo’s alternative is Sharechat

Helo is a leading social media site among Indians with more than 50,00,000 users. It is the product of the creators of Orkut, they established the app as a replacement for Orkut. It also provides a platform for users to earn money without any blunt conditions. But since it is a Chinese app it has to be replaced, that is the least we can do for our country. Sharechat is an excellent alternative for the Helo app since it offers its content in more than 15 regional languages. Also, it guarantees your privacy and restricts unsuitable content which serves as a huge problem in the Helo app. 

Shareit’s alternative is Jio switch

Share-it is a mobile app that enables its user to share as well as receive files quickly and easily. It also entertains its audience in the form of videos, memes, gifs, etc, as they have collaborated with various partners. It is quite popular since you can send files easily despite them being too huge. Xender is also quite similar to Shareit, both of these websites are Chinese products. Files by google or Jio switch are great alternatives for Shareit, since both of them are quite similar to Shareit they are better since they do not display any harmful advertisement on their screens. 

TikTok’s alternative is Triller

Tiktok created quite a buzz around the world for the past year. People have joined this platform in a huge number and made it one of the top-ranked mobile application. TikTok is a Beijing based app, but they share their user’s data with the Chinese government. China has their version of TikTok called Vmate which is created in China. Since both this app is related to china it needs to be thrown out of our cellphone. You don’t have to be upset since there is an app named Triller which is more fun than TikTok. Make sure to show off your skills and creative moods on the right platforms. 

Pubg’s alternative is Fortnite

Pubg is a multiplayer battle game, subsidiary to Korean video game company Bluehole. Pubg created quite a controversy in India but it is still being used by 50 million users daily. Over the past 2 years, the game has seen over 600 million downloads. There are a million games available on play store, but if you still wanna play the same one try Fortnite. Fortnite is the closest available alternative for Pubg, it isn’t a replica, but surely the same excitement and fun. Fortnite is developed by Epic Games, which is an American Company.  

Clash of Kings’s alternative is Clash of clans

Clash of kings another strategy based multiplayer game, it is one of the top-grossing games on both android and ios. In 2019, the clash of kings had up to 230 million registered users. The multiplayer game is created by a Chinese firm, Elex tech. There are a bunch of games that are very similar to the clash of kings. Few of them are clash of clans, total conquest, game of war, etc. If you opt for another alternative available online make sure that it isn’t a Chinese app. 

Shein’s alternative is Myntra

Shien is an international fashion brand that is based in China. The company mainly focuses on women’s wear, but it also has options available for men and children. The company was founded in 2008, and now it has over 30,000,0000 users. The brand provides stylish variety at cheap rates making it famous among the young generation. Club factory and ROMWE are also fashion companies based in China and are used by many. MYNTRA is an excellent alternative for these apps since it not only provides us with clothing but also a wide range of accessories, cosmetics, footwear, and much more. It provides its customers with crazy deals every now and then, also they have affordable rates over all their products. 

Camscanner’s alternative is Adobe Scanner

Camscanner is a Chinese mobile app available on both Andriod and ios. The app allows the users to easily scan and share their pictures, documents with people. You can even convert these pictures into pdf format. On August 2019, the app was taken down by Google since it had various privacy issues, later in September, a new version of the app has been launched. You can replace this app with Adobe Scanner, which not only functions efficiently but also makes sure that the privacy of their users isn’t disturbed. There are various scanner apps available, if for some reason you do not download Adobe scanner make sure you install a non-Chinese app on your mobile. 

UC Browser’s alternative is Google Chrome

UC Browser is a Chinese web browser owned by the Alibaba group. In countries like India and Indonesia, UC Browser is said to be more widely used than google chrome. The app even ranked 8th on the most downloaded app of the decade list, 2010-2019. CM Browser is another widely used browser but it is a Chinese app. Both of these browsers have faced privacy and security issues over the past few years. If you have any of these browsers, kindly replace them with google chrome. Google has not only been the most trusted search engine for decades, but it provides us the best speed as well as information. 

Beautyplus’s alternative is B612

China has a range of beautifying app largely used by people all around the world. Beauty plus is at the top of that list, the list also includes apps like Meitupie, Makeup plus, YouCam Perfect, FaceU, Camera360, Beautycam, etc. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat are much more than social networking platforms. These apps have some great filters which are famous all around the world. But if you need an app just for clicking pictures try out Indian Selfie Camera, B612, or Candy Camera. 

Turbo VPN’s alternative is Proton Vpn

Turbo VPN is a free app that provides its audience with a proxy VPN, which gives them a chance to unblock various sites and applications. Through this app, people can even gain access to restricted resources. The app is free, it has a paid plan to gain access to its more efficient features. The app has over 39,00,000 users, most of which are using a limited access. You can replace Turbo VPN with this app called ProtonVPN. The app has recently open-sourced its VPN tool making it the most trusted VPN option. 

Zoom’s alternative is Skype and Google Hangout

Due to lockdown all around the world various video conferencing apps have gained a lot of popularity. Whether it’s for online classes or meetings, we surely have one of these apps on our phone. Zoom has been quite popular these days since it enables a huge amount of participants to join the meeting. Zoom can be replaced with Skype meet now, Microsoft Teams, and google hangouts. All of these websites provide excellent services, protect your personal information, and also enable conference video calling with an ability to include a large number of people.

Virus Cleaner’s alternative is Avast Antivirus

To keep our phones away from harm we surely have cleaning apps into our cells. Virus Cleaner is one such app that is used by many people, the app is said to be a threat to our personal security. But now its time to let go of this app. Our phones do not need such apps, just use your common sense to stay away from harmful websites. But is you still don’t trust yourself, you can download Avast Antivirus application. It is an excellent alternative since its features are better than Virus cleaner. 

Viva Video’s alternative is Inshot

People love making their very own personalized movies just to treat their loved ones right. For the past few years, various apps have been developed for this purpose. Viva video is one such Chinese app that is used by people around the world. The app currently has about 1,00,00,000 installations. Vivavideo can be replaced with Inshot which is quite similar, and is more efficient. 

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