Types Of Bands and Musicians Who Defined Music’s Golden Age “The 70’s”

If there is one thing we all can agree on is the fact that the quality of music has degenerated a lot compared to past few decades. The incessant use of auto-tune paired with lack of meaningful lyrics and a constant glut of derivative music has made real music lost its identity. So, in today’s list we’ll be mentioning the idol’s of the past decade who not only invented different genres but revolutionized the whole art of music composition with their ethereal voices, soulful lyrics and charming personas.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd, a psychedelic rock band formed in Britain rose to become one of the most influential and prominent bands of all time. They attained popularity because of their ingenious compositions and veracious lyrics that dealt with topics such as delineation, oppression and insanity. With several awards and recognition under their belt, the band is also cited as inspiration by bunch of other legendary bands including Queen and Smashing Pumpkins.


Queen without a doubt ranks among one of the legendary rock bands of all time, the original four members all hailing from different educational background came together to create some music and in the process influenced the whole generation. Their music surpassed the boundaries of time and remains evergreen, I mean- there is no other song produced that can compete with the Bohemian Rhapsody yet.

David Bowie

“There’s old wave ,there’s new wave and there’s David Bowie”

David Bowie is correctly dubbed as the Greatest Rock Star ever,armed with his unorthodox and experimental music while partnered with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, he ruled the hearts of millions and continues to do so. He had a career stretched over several decades during which he ventured into several distinct music styles and delivered each time.

Bob Dylan

A Nobel Laureate which he was given “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Bob Dylan challenged rooted musical conventions and always came through to bring something novel to the people, with songs such as Blowin’ In The Wind that became a kind of anthem to anti-war movement. His songs were heavy with the themes of social and political issues and had cultural impacts which only provided further evidence for the creative prowess of a genius.


I have never come across a single rock music fan who in their entire history have not set Highway to Hell as their ringtone. Originally formed by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, AC/DC became a popular rock sometimes heavy metal band during 70’s with hit classics such as Highway to Hell. The band’s career has been marred with several criticism regarding their musical style and misogynistic lyrics but despite of it they have garnered several followers and have been inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Michael Jackson

The smooth criminal himself was a big name in the music industry, he as a soloist managed to break several sales records and produced one hits after another. Hugely popular for his signature moonwalk, dance ability and the quality to captivate audiences Michael Jackson created a niche for himself and still stands as one of the most talented musicians the world has seen till yet.

The Beatles

The world has yet to see the another Beatles Mania, this English rock band started in 1957 and swiftly became far-famed. They induced a crazy frenzy among people wherever they went, comprising of gifted musicians such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr The Beatles managed to create music well ahead of their time. Even after their disbandment the members pursued successful careers as soloists and carried forward the legacy of the band.

Led Zeppelin

Considered to be the greatest band of the 70s whose popularity matched to the Beatles in the 60s, Led Zeppelin is ranked at the top by several critics and magazines. Although a rock band their music was highly inspired by blues and their wizardry with the instruments is considered to have given rise to the present metal genre.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have been together for more than 57 years and still remain as relevant as ever, the original lineup constituted of Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman and Ian watts. Although they have been subjected to several transitions any of which could have upended a band, The Rolling Stones managed to prosper and in the process cultivated a loyal fan base throughout the world which is evident by the fact that in the top 5 highest grossing tours list, they alone have three.

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