Types Of Bed Based On Size

Do you know in which type of bed you are resting every day? Yes, there are different types of beds present based on sizes. It is important to choose your bed correctly because after having a tiresome day you end up taking rest in your bed only. It might be challenging to choose the right one for you. 

So in this article let’s see about the different types of beds in detail. Each type of bed is mainly classified based on size.

Single Bed

This type of bed has the standard bed size which is 3 feet wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. The single bed is designed and intended for single person use. This type of bed can be used in the children’s room, which is more convenient and comfortable for the kids unless and until they reach high school. 

This single bed is also used in hotels where there are triple rooms or low budget room present. Here 3 people share the same room and they are given a separate single bed for each one.

Double Bed / Full-sized Bed

The double bed is also called as a full-sized bed. The double bed’s size is 54 x 74 inches, which is a little larger than the single bed. This is ideal for two people to sleep in the same bed. 

The double bed can also be a king-size double bed and queen size double bed. If you are a parent with a single child who is a kid, then you three can also comfortably sleep in the double bed.

Twin Bed

Some people say that a single bed and a twin bed are the same. But that’s not true, because both the beds vary in size. The twin bed is also a type of bed that is slightly bigger than the single bed.

It has a large width than the single bed, which accounts for 38 x 75 inches. It has a similar purpose as that of a single bed. It is best suited for children of all ages. 

Twin XL Bed

Twin XL bed is similar to the twin bed type but this model is slightly longer than the twin bed. The length of the twin bed is 80 inches and the width is the same as that of the twin bed which is 38 inches. This type of bed is best suited for children who hit high school. You can find this type of bed most commonly used in dorms.

King Size Bed

The king-size bed is the biggest when compared to the other bed types. It measures about 76 x 80 inches which are ideal for couples who need more space for sleeping. 

The king-size beds are 22 x 5 inches larger than the full-size beds. If you want your kids to sleep along with you, then this bed size is good enough since it is more spacious and more comfortable.

Queen Size Bed 

The queen size bed is the most popular choice among most of the people. The size of the queen bed is 60 x 84 inches where two persons can sleep normally. 

This bed is also commonly used in hotels and guest rooms since it offers more comfortable and it has a perfect size. It is best suited for teens, young adults, and newly married couples.

California King Bed

The California King Bed is also a type of bed that is similar to the King size bed. It measures about 72 x 80 inches and the longest bed available. This type of bed is ideal for tall people. It is commonly used in master bedrooms.

Wrapping Up

So these are the different types of beds based on size. Though you are not going to use some types, it is always better to know the different kinds of beds and their uses so that you can make better choices while you are looking to buy one for yourself. We hope you found this article both interesting and useful. Stay tuned to get more articles with intriguing topics on this website.

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