Types Of Bibliophiles You Must Have Come Across Atleast Once

row of books and a cup of coffee

“Books are the ultimate dumpees, put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back” -John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

There are so many things to love about books from age old paperbacks to the new ones to the must have hardcovers. The captivating way they smell (so essence-candle worthy), the crisp feeling of the pages on your fingers and most of all their ability to transfer you to another dimension. Reading a book gives one this encapsulating feeling, almost like a warm hug

People who love to read books are known as Bibliophiles or as most commonly called Bookworms (even though their preferred term is Book dragons). Now there are various types of bibliophiles and here are some of them mentioned below:

Obsessive Reading Disorder

The ones suffering from ORD are in a serious committed relationship with books and will never voluntarily leave the house without one. You are most likely to find them in a corner with their current read open wide in front of them. Even when found with people, their friends know about their priorities i.e. their TBR pile. They have discovered almost every genre and they devour the bestsellers in days.


They are the aesthetics department of bibliophiles. They have the power to make even a non-reader feel like owning books just by their skill of taking absolutely beautiful pictures of books surrounded by candles, leaves, merchandise and coffee mugs (of course!). Now this does not mean that they are not reading those books because a real bookstagamer knows what accessories to put in the picture like they would not keep a paperback of The Da Vinci Code along with Harry Potter’s bobblehead, you need context for such things.  

The Devotee

They are obsessed not only with books but with a single genre or that one author whose new book they have got to have and read. They single handedly take the responsibility of propagating their favorite author/ genre. They are extremely devoted and it takes a lot of convincing to make them read a book that does not belong to that particular author/ genre.

The Scavenger

These are the explorers among the bibliophiles. They manage to find the most peculiar, unique and rare books from all kinds of genres. Best- sellers are awesome but they mainly spend time looking for the underdogs i.e. the underestimated or overlooked books. Their TBR is filled more with the books that are unheard of and those are the worlds they choose to live in.


This is a noun that means leaving a book unread usually piled with other unread books. This group of bibliophiles are commonly called Book Hoarders. They are the collectors who love the peaceful feeling that a pile of books gives them. All they do is buy books and stock them in their overflowing shelves, always making plans on reading them one day but that one day rarely arrives. Their rate of book buying exceeds their rate of reading, so naturally they are one of the first people found at a book sale as they never leave a chance to acquire a new paperback and fill the very little spaces left on their shelf. 

No matter what type you belong to, one thing all the types have in common is their never-ending love for books.

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