Types Of Branded Makeup Products You Must Have

Beauty is an essence of the soul and not the face and body.  Looking gorgeous and beautiful is what people are running after. Each one of us is beautiful and different. There are many ways by which you can embellish your beauty. Makeup is one of them. It is the art of beautifying the face. It enhances the features of one’s face and hides the flaws of your skin. For a perfect makeup, here is a list of products you must have.

Primer by NYX

It is generally the least used product when we attempt at makeup. Primer is used to create a smooth base before applying makeup on the face. This does not only gives a better finish but also helps your makeup lasts. It closes the pores on the surface of the face and hence increases the durability of the makeup you apply. Applying primer along with foundation can give you magical effects. So primer is a must before you start with that glam look to last all day and night.

Foundation by Fenty Beauty

Foundations come in different types of shades and bases. It is a liquid or powder product applied on the face to create an even  complexion and cover flaws. The key to flawless skin is blending. Just as makeup can enhance the beauty of our face, it can also lead to disaster if you do not blend your foundation well.  Choosing the right shade is very important and for this you can match the shade with the tone of your wrist.

Eyebrow pencil by MAC

Our eyebrows provide structure to our face. Beautiful, filled and well shaped eyebrows can completely change your look and believe me it can do wonders. For those perfect brows use a shade lighter than your natural brows and blend it well using a brush. Start by drawing an outline for your brow and then complete it by filling your brows through strokes.

Concealer by Maybelline

A concealer is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin. A perfect concealer shade is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Concealer too comes in different varieties like concealer sticks and liquid concealer, you may chose it as per your convenience.

Contour by Morphe

Contour is a cosmetic used to enhance and sculpt the structure of the face. Contour is generally used to make the facial features look slimmer. Contour is applied on the nose, along the cheek bones and on the jaw line. Contour may also be seen in different varieties like contour sticks, pallets and liquid bases. The right shade of contour is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Contouring is yet another important step for a perfect look you chase.

Blush by MAC

In a nutshell, blush is used to add a flush of color to the cheeks. Sweep your blush from the ear down the cheekbone towards the mouth. Add a little touch of blush to the chin and blend it well to make your face appear longer. A peachy coral blush is the most universally flattering color for all skin tones, from the fairest to the richest. You can see diverse pallets of blush available in the stores.

Eye shadow by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The most beautiful feature of our face can be our eyes and who doesn’t want their eyes to pop and do that magic around you. It can make your eyes stand out and look more attractive. Eye shadow can add depth and dimension to one’s eyes with those bright colors it’s very easy to go overboard with eyeshade, so you always need to be careful with it. You may see different palates around you each with different kind of shades.

Eye liner by Maybelline

Eye liner is generally drawn above upper lashes but you may also use it below lower lashes or both, even on the water lines of the eyes. Its primary purpose is to make the eyes look bigger. It may also change the shape of your eyes. Again, eyeliner also comes in numerous varieties like the brush eyeliner and the eyeliner pens. To do something different you can match the colour of your eyeliner with your outfit. Yes, you heard it right. Eyeliner too comes in different shades, each one giving you a new look.

Lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent 

Lipstick pulls all the attention to the lips so if you have beautiful lips flaunt them out with a bright colour. They are used to give your lips a structure and add a pop of color to your face. It may also make your lips appear larger. Most women prefer to wear lipstick daily to make their lips appear bold. Makeup stands nowhere without a beautiful lip color.

Highlighter by Fenty Beauty

Blush is used to add color to the your face. Just pull your blush from the ear down the cheekbone to give your cheeks a tint. You must add a little touch of blush to the chin and blend it well for that natural look.  A peachy blush is the most flattering color for all skin tones. You can see diverse pallets of blush available in the stores.

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