Must Have Types of Brownies

Brownies are the best treat for every mood and it is probably the best dessert around us. It is quite easy to make but the taste is delicious. Brownies are also the perfect canvas for all kind of culinary creativity. Here are some delicious types of brownies you must try.

Red velvet chocolate brownie

Red velvet love is spread all over the world. They are an easy, classy recipe that comes together in a minute.

Chocolate coconut brownie

Combination of chocolate and coconut is amazing. Chocolate flavoured brownie garnished with the grated coconut can increase the flavour of brownie.

Vegan plantain brownie

All you need is to add 3 bananas and 2 plantains. It will taste delicious.

Irish cream cheesecake brownie

Irish cream and cheesecake is an amazing combination of cheesecake lover’s. For the extra flavours, you can also add almond, chocolate and coffee powder.

Green tea brownie

Green tea brownie is good for health-conscious persons. For the garnishing, you can add white chocolate choco-chips.

Chocolate walnut brownie

This combination is at the top of all brownie lovers list. The combination of chocolate and walnut can add extra and delicious flavours in the brownie.

Peppermint patty brownie

Rich chocolate brownies stuffed with York peppermint add more tastes and deliciousness in an extra flavoured dessert called brownie.

Marshmallow crunch brownie

Marshmallow in the form of brownies has represented the uniqueness of flavoured brownies. And if you love fudgy brownies you love these brownie bars.

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