Art Form; Types Of Calligraphy An Art Of Writing

Art as we all know is a way of expressing through visuals. At a time when humans didn’t even know how to speak, they expressed their motives or feelings through art. We can see some of the basic art of cavemen in many old preserved caves.

One of the art form is calligraphy. It is basically the art of writing. When humans invented language and started writing forms, it also gave birth to this art. In ancient times they didn’t have printers or typewriters so all the official letters or orders were written by writing experts.

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There are many types of calligraphy but the main three are Western, Oriental and Arabic Calligraphy. There are considered the main ones because these were the first forms of calligraphy that originated in Ancient Times.

Below are enlisted some types of calligraphy…

Western Calligraphy

Western calligraphy is some type of art which is used in today’s western world. It is used in official work since the origin of language writing. It consists of various sub styles and fonts. It also uses the words of latin. It can be used in many works these days like wedding card invitations or any occasion invitations, in poetry writing or letters.

This was a common font used in Roman time. This style is still used in many ways, like retro parties or goth style.

Oriental Calligraphy

Oriental calligraphy basically is from Asia, especially East Asia. This includes Chinese Calligraphy.

Chinese calligraphy is given very high esteem in China. It was considered the soul of paintings in ancient times as it was in every painting.

This type of calligraphy is used in China for many things like letters, party invitations, and also bookmarks.

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is the type of art which is given so much of importance. This calligraphy is based on Arabic language. Calligraphy in Arabic is called ‘khatt’ derived by the word line or design.

Arabic calligraphy is used widely. Almost every Islamic religion script exists in Arabic calligraphy. All the monuments and mosques also consists this type of art. It is considered one of the most beautiful language and calligraphic form.

Some other famous and beautiful calligraphic fonts and style are given below

Free Form

It is basic and most used form. It is simple yet gorgeous. It has many designs.

It is widely used and can be used in everything like logos, brand names, letters, drawings, headings, pamphlets etc.

Gothic Calligraphy

This calligraphy font originated in middle ages. This from is beautiful form of hand lettering. The type of calligraphy is basically called “Blackletter”. It is very much related to dark or horror forms. In the middle ages, there were many myths about Dracula, doom, ghost spirits or even satanic exercises. This font is related to all of them and that is what makes this font even more interesting.

I think you all will find the types of calligraphy very interesting as it is a part of our history as well as our future.

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