Best Types Of Cardio Exercises For Great Health

At some point in our life, we all have heard the saying that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” indeed it is true as well. In today’s world, people got addicted or we can say use to appliances and a machine to such an extent that the amount of physical activity one does it comes down to zero. Everything is done just with a click. We created machines for our necessity and need but gradually we have become its slave which is totally opposing its purpose as it was supposed to be our slaves. People have become couch potatoes.

When we talk about exercise it is not only about gymming .It is also about yoga, cardio, Pilates, zumba and much more. Here we are going to explore the type of cardio one can do to stay fit and healthy.

Cardio plays an important role in any type of workout, whether to gain weight or lose weight. It is also advisable to do it as it reduces the health risk. The word cardio exercise generally refers to the type of exercise which increases the heart rate and will helps in burning fat and reduces calories. Cardio exercise can do wonders; it has many benefits some of them are listed below: weight loss, lower stress, enhances sleep quality, improves heart rate, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, improves brainpower, and some cancers as well. The main aim of this type of exercise is to do a High-intensity workout.  Some of the common cardio exercises are Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Boxing, Kettlebell Flow, HIIT, Burpees, lunges, Skipping, Jumping Jacks, and Mountain Climbers, etc.


It is one of the easy and  great exercise to burn calorie in less time. It is one of the best exercises to lose weight. One can do it outside without any equipment required or on a treadmill inside. It also helps in building muscles, curb mental stress and boosts respiratory system.


It is not only for weight loss, it is also for building lower back muscles and legs and moreover it increases ones endurance too. It helps in joints mobility and improves posture and coordination.  The calorie burn here depends upon the ones speed and the path used. This can also be done either inside or outside but outside cycling is more preferred as one encounters different and difficult challenges along the route with fresh air to breath.


It is great cardio exercises for weight loses. It can burn up to 350 calories per 30 minutes provided it is a rigorous type of swimming and not free time leisurely swimming. It keeps heart and lungs healthy. It helps in toning of muscles and building strength.


It is one of the cheapest exercises which is easy to do with lots of benefits like good footwork, strengthen shoulders and can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes. It is a workout for entire body. It also improves in bone density and decreases number of foot and ankle injuries.


Usually boxing and skipping rope go along together. As skipping is the warm-up for the boxing. It is a high intensity workout leaving one drenched in sweat. It sharpens the mind, improves eye –hand coordination. Its main focus is in strengthening upper body and core. It is a fun activity to reduce ones stress.


It is a full body functional exercise done without any equipment. This exercise works on chest, arm, quads, glutes, hamstring and abs too. It improves metabolism.


It is a great exercise for leg muscles. It helps in building the core which eventually leads to lesser lower back pain. Meanwhile it also increases heart rate.

Mountain Climber

Step of doing the Mountain climber exercise by healthy woman. Illustration about exercise guide.

It is like a total body workout with one single exercise. It is a shoulder and triceps workout. It strengthens ones core and agility. Easy to do as no equipment is required.

Jumping Jack

We all have done this exercise once in our school life PE. It is a full body workout which helps in building strong muscles and higher heart rate.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

As the name suggests this is a set of exercises done with minimal interval to burn high amount of calories in less time and increases heart rate. It includes variety of exercises with different number of reps which helps in burning calories. It increases stamina too.

Squat jumps

It is a polymetric type of exercise. It is useful in burning calories, increases heart rate. It mainly targets lower body. Provides power in the legs.  It burns calorie faster than the normal squats. Easy to do and no special equipment required.

Kettlebell swings

It is a full body workout which focuses on muscular fitness. It gives strength to the muscles of the backside of the body. It burns a lot of calories. It also stabilizes muscles of shoulder and back.

Battle ropes

This exercise is done mainly to tone bicep muscles. This exercise is great for mobility and stability. It is also a full body workout. Chances of injury are also less.

Box step ups

This exercise burns fat effectively. This helps ones to train each leg independently. It develops strength in glutes, calves, hamstring and quadriceps. It also introduces stability in hip and ankle joints too.


It is a great weight loss activity with fun. It tones the whole body. It increases the heart rate. Helps in de-stressing and in improving coordination. It emphasizes in strengthening the core.

There are many other exercises as well but the main motto of these exercise is just one to keep everyone healthy safe and sound. As there is a saying that “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. So exercise is a must no matter how busy you are it is for your well being. So stay home, stay safe.

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