Refreshing Drink; Types of Chai

Tea, Chai, cha call it anything but Indians can’t do without Chai- The refreshing drink. It goes hand in hand with the morning tea and newspaper. The ultimate solution of Indians to any problem or Headache is have CHAI.

Let’s see the Types of CHAI:

Ginger (Adrak) Chai:

Ginger (Adrak) Chai

The most found in India is adrak chai one will find this everywhere be it a restaurant or Tea Stall. This tea has Ginger, milk, tea leaves, sugar into it and is the most refreshing one too. It’s made with the basic things available at one’s place.

Tulsi chai:

Tulsi chai

One can have this in cough and cold or people who love chai and are health freak too at same time they prefer this tulsi chai, the only difference here is instead of adrak into it, there’s tulsi leaves which tastes good and the aroma of it is very refreshing.

Lemon (Nimbu) Chai:

Lemon (Nimbu) Chai

The lemon tea does not have milk into it and it has lemon juice in it which can be added to either green or black tea. It’s acts as a traditional remedy too in Indian culture. Having cup of lemon tea in morning is good for health after a walk.

Masala chai:

Masala chai

The recipe of tea is same here as any other but the key ingredient here is ‘Masala’ which is a mixture of crushed cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon. This is best for people suffering from bad throat. It’s tasty and beneficial at the same time.

Ronga Saah:

Ronga Saah

The state known for tea Assam, the Ronga Saah is famous from this state it is not prepare from any milk or spices in to it. Ronga Sahh is prepared from the specific tealeaves available there. It’s is a mild beverage.

Herbal Chai:

Herbal Chai

This tea is not made up of any milk but it is infusion of various fruits, leaves, or flowers. This tea helps you to boost your immune system, helps prevent chronic diseases, and like water it is calorie-free. There are different companies providing herbal tea and they are also available in flavors.

Iced Tea:

Iced Tea

Lately, in many cafes this tea is in trend. Iced tea with the name itself it is understood that it is not hot but definitely, chilled. This tea can be flavored as it has only ice into it and less water. Lemon iced tea, rose iced tea, and many more flavors are available in it. Some people love to sip it as it is relaxing and cooling.

Sulaimani Chai:

Sulaimani Chai

This tea is famous in Kerala which is similar to black tea light and healthy and is served with mint leaves. It’s golden in color and it suits all the seasons and all types of day, rainy, sunny sulaimani fixes all things up.

Cardamom Chai:

Cardamom Chai

Another famous chai in India along with adrak chai. People find cardamom tea more refreshing
than the adrak one. The key ingredient here is Cardamom (elaichi). This is aromatic traditional spice grown widely in India, Nepal, and at many more other places. By having cardamom tea one can have good heart health and blood circulation. It also deals with problem of bad breath.

Butter Chai:

Butter Chai

How different it sounds putting butter into the tea, isn’t it? Butter tea is differently known in Tibet. Putting two tablespoons of butter in your tea can help increasing its benefits as increase in energy levels, aiding digestion and many more other health benefits.

Lemongrass Chai:

Lemongrass Chai

This tea has different tea leaves which make it much more recognizable from others. The process of making tea is same as in other but instead of tea leaves in powder form the leaves here are in grass form binded together and put into the tea for 2-3 minutes to add the flavor into it. One must definitely try Lemongrass Tea

Black (Kali) Chai:

Black (Kali) Chai

The black tea is famous in Western culture. There is no milk added into it which makes it black its only tea leaves and water. Black tea is real form of tea and which is well-known in France and people there have it with croissant.

Green chai:

Green chai

Isn’t tea a colorful beverage? We have green, black, different types of chai. Green tea and herbal tea are both made up of naturally available ingredients but
the green tea has only leaves into it and not the roots and flowers like herbal one has. Green tea is very light and helps to maintain and reduce weight.

Irani Chai:

Irani Chai

What’s different about Irani chai? The taste or the key ingredient? No, it’s the way of serving the Irani chai which makes it different from all the others. This chai is oftenly served with bun maska, biscuits, sweet cream. Some of the cafes in lately, serve only Irani chai and people love to sip it.

Tandoori Chai:

Tandoori Chai

This chai has all into it right from tulsi leaves to masala. What’s different in this chai? Alright, when the chai is being prepared they clay made kullad is heated up for 10-15 minutes and once the chai is prepare it is poured into the kullad and after that in the fresh clay pot, while pouring it for first time there are too many bubbles into it and then it has the taste of clay pot into it which is different. Tandoori chai is served with biscuits

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