Types Of Characters In Every Bollywood Love Story

Since the first movie, ‘Raja Harish Chandra’ was made in Bollywood, this industry has evolved and produced many stories and great actors. During the early start of this industry, many stories were made on the same storyline. Now, things are changing. The writing, the direction, the story is different in each movie. But, if we look at the romance genre, then it is still the same. The same types of characters with the same storyline is being made. And, today we are going to explore those types of characters which we have seen in every Bollywood romance movie. 

The Extra Poor protagonist

Every Bollywood romance starts with an extremely poor protagonist. It can be either the boy or the girl. It depends on the writer’s choice. And, being poor does not mean that they have to look poor too. They will be the most beautiful person. Not just beautiful, they will be the most self-respected person in the film. After Mahatma Gandhi, they are the only honest and selfless person left in this country. If the poor protagonist is the boy, then the girl needs to be an arrogant person. After meeting the boy, all her arrogance will go away. And after one song, they will fall in love.

The Extra Sick Mother

When we finally get to know about the protagonist, then we are introduced to the family of them. The family includes a sick mother and an unmarried sister. Now, it is most probable that the mother is suffering from a fatal disease. And, our hero is working day and night to earn and collect money for the treatment of his mother. 

The Unmarried Sister

The next character in the romance movie is the unmarried sister. This character has nothing to do with story development. This character is just there to show the responsibilities and struggles of our hero. And, sometimes this character does not have a proper scene in any part of the film. 

Extra Helpful Friend

Every love story is incomplete without a friend who has been there for the couple every time. In the same way, every Bollywood romance is incomplete without an extra selfless and helpful friend. This character will always help the couple to get united. 

The Arrogant and rich father

This character will be the main reason for all the problems in the life of both the protagonist. The arrogant father will refuse to marry his daughter to a poor person. He wants that boy to get out of his daughters’ life. He will even try to pay money to the hero of the film. But, since our hero is a self-respected person, he will refuse that money. 

The Weird Aunt

 Every love story will have the character of a weird aunt. The only motive of this character is to mock the protagonist of the film. She will only add problems to the love story.

The Villain, Who is also in love with the same Girl

Bollywood romance is incomplete without a villain. The villain will be the person who is in love with the female protagonist of the movie. However, we all know that in the end, our hero is going to win. 

The Business rivalry

Another character in every love story is business competitors. They are not directly related to the protagonists of the film. The main target of this character is the rich father of the protagonist.

The Greedy Uncle

In every love story, there will always be a character who is jealous of the growth of the other members. Most of the time, this character is some relative of the protagonist of the film. All they want is the property of the rich father, and they can go to any extent to get it. 

The Sacrificing Sibling

The Love story is incomplete without the sacrifices made by others. In every movie, there will be a character who will sacrifice their happiness to complete their love story. You will feel for this character the most. 

The Unwanted goons

In the climax of every romance drama, there will be some unwanted goons. They will fight with our hero without any valid reason. There are not limited in number. And, in the end, our hero will knock them out. 

The always late police

There will be some characters of police in the movie. They will be there to catch the goons, or to protect our protagonist from them. But, they will always arrive late at the spot.

These are a few characters which you will see in every Bollywood movie. If you also have seen these characters in Bollywood love stories, then do like this blog. And, do not forget to share your favorite Bollywood love story in the comment box.

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