13 Beautiful Types Of Childhood Memories Of Summers!

For our 90’s generation, our summer childhood memories were so precious. Like, I remember drinking so many types of coolers coming back from school and watching shows like power rangers, Tom and Jerry and realizing life was so good!

Let’s read more about our Childhood Memories from summer-vacay journey and go back in that time.

Watching shows like “that’s so Raven” and “Suite life of Zack and Cody”

These shows actually were loved by masses and life was actually sweet while watching the suite life of Zack and Cody. While not missing out on the Indian cartoon shows which actually kept us hooked the whole day like Noddy, Oswald. Oh my god! I already need a time capsule now!

Thanda-thanda, cool-cool!

How can we forget our summer coolers like Jaljeera, lemon water, Tang, and Rooh Afza which definitely gave us a chill down our spine especially when we came back from school? It felt like the most satisfying feeling at that time which you surely must be relating to it too.

The evening play

Did you ever think about this sad thing that when was the last time you actually went to play with your society-waale friends? only remembering a single moment of it makes us feel nostalgic as it was the only thing after our afternoon nap that we used to look forward to especially in summer vacations. Playing games like Kicking the can, hide and seek and my favorite was (still is) dumb charades which we used to play for almost the whole time.

Never-ending holiday homework

There was so much excitement looking forward to our summer vacations and there was an overloading holiday homework that kept us burdened during the vacation time. We usually thought, who cares, it has to be a ritual to complete the homework at the last moment and we actually did it at the end of our vacations.

Mangoes and air coolers complete childhood

It used to be so much fun sitting and eating mangoes in the air coolers with our family. Gossips, mangoes, and air coolers what could be better? I still remember me and my father sometimes were the only ones eating so many mangoes at a time.

Time to visit Nani house

We still recollect sometimes in our life when we used to go for a staycation for a minimum of 15 days in our summer vacations and actually had such crazy times with our cousins adding on to the fun the whole family had together. Playing games, little pranks on our aunts and uncles was so much fun.

Trying the icy popsicles

So, trying the icy popsicles and making these at home was another thing in summers to do. The cola one used to be the most favorite and delicious one!

Welcoming summer clothes

It used to be so much fun adjusting our wardrobes with the summer clothes and wearing cool colors at home which gave us a fanatic feeling by just relaxing in our cool pair of shorts.

Swimming classes

There are summers and no swimming? not possible right it gave us so much thrill while enrolling ourselves in the swimming classes and enjoying the pool water and beating the heat. Visiting water parks was an exciting part of our vacays in the summers. Don’t forget the joy of the wave pool!

Long naps

We were so dozed in sleeping long in our summertime as we didn’t care about waking up early the next day. Trust me, it was such a peaceful feeling, like sleep as much as you want to.


The cricket board also decided to keep the population entertained during the summertime with the Indian Premier League. So our plans for the evening are already finalized and a team set to cheer for. My favorite team and also for many still is Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

Video games

Playing video games like Grand theft auto, and car racing with friends used to be such good times and gave us great amusement. The most demanded one was Mario, especially the sound of the game, it still plays in our minds.

Real-life joy

That time was actually called the real enjoyment time like we actually had so many fun-filled times with our family, friends, and relatives, without just being on mobile phones all the time. The thing which I miss the most and I guess you too.

Phew! This was actually very nostalgic and now I wish we could turn back time and relive those moments but life is not about moving backward. Do live every moment and cherish it fully as time and beautiful moments don’t come back.

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