Types Of Cigar And Best Cigar Brands

People usually say that it is the thing for the rich and those who can afford luxury, but is it really true?

No, if you are a cigar connoisseur then you are most likely to be well versed with everything associated with cigars. From what is a cigar and best cigar brands to how are they are produced, from what is it made up of to different international brands of it. But do not worry we have got covered every detail for you here.

First, things first. We need to understand about cigars so that later we can discuss its different brands present around the globe.

What is a Cigar?

Cigar is a tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves whose one end can be ignited and lighted so that it can be smoked.

What is its origination?

The word first originated from a Spanish word “Cigarro”, which originally came into being from a Mayan civilization word “Siyar”, and hence today the world knows it by the name Cigar. Earlier cigars were handmade and rolled and used to be straight in shape.

Production of cigars?

Most of the tobacco leaves obtained for the production of cigars are from Havana, Cuba. The leading countries which came into existence later were America, Brazil, Cameroon, Dominic Republic, East Indies, Jamaica, Mexico, and South Africa as produced the quality leaves. Curing (it is a slow oxidation process which produces certain compounds in the tobacco leaves, giving them a sweet and fruity aroma, which further contributes to its smoothness) of tobacco leaves leads to a reduction in sugar and water content without causing the leaves to rot (for a period of around 25-40 days). Fermentation (a process of converting of sugar into alcohol) is done for the leaves after which they are rolled.

Parts of a cigar?

Cigar is made up of three parts:

  • FILLER – it is made up of wrapped-up bunches of leaves in the interior part of the cigar. It is a blend of various strengths to produce a unique flavor to the cigar. The filler strength increases as the oil content of the leaves increases. It is further categorized into the three major types of leaves found from the different sections of the tobacco plant.
  • Volado – Mild flavor filler taken from the bottom part of the plant.
  • Seco – Moderately flavored filler from the middle part of the plant.
  • Leguo – Strongly flavored filler taken from the topmost part of the plant.
  • WRAPPER / BINDER – These leaves are somewhat elastic in nature and are used to hold the bunches of fillers together, tightly.
  • OUTSIDE WRAPPER – The outermost leaf comes from the widest part of the plant so that the whole cigar can be covered properly. They are the leaves that determine much of the character and flavor of the cigar. The color of the wrapper is often is the signal which describes different types of cigars.

Best Brands Of Cigar

Here, we’ll be discussing the top brands of cigars in the world and what quality are they producing.


One of the most famous brands of all time, this cigar company was founded in 1901 in Britain by the Jose F Rocha but named after great South American revolutionary, General Simon Bolivar. He was the man of great honor who led his countrymen and fought against the Spanish, who had invaded more than two centuries ago. But the company was quickly moved to Cuba, for its fertile soil which was required for the tobacco plants to grow. The brand wasn’t registered until 1921.

FACT – Bolivar was quite famous for its production of the World’s smallest cigar. Named Delgado, which was only 1 and 7/8 inches in length with a ring gauge of only 20 but nevertheless, it was believed that it was a fine smoke.

Bolivar is known for producing its regional and limited editions or special edition cigars. Most apparently known as the Gold Medal, which was produced only a few thousand in number.


H Upmann stands for Hermann Upmann, the man behind building one of the oldest cigar company which is still standing and running strong to date. H Upmann was a German banker whose love for cigars took him all the way to Havana, Cuba to establish his own Cigar Company in 1844 along with his brother August Upmann. Some people attribute them to be the owners of Humidors (a box in which cigars are kept) as when they were planning for the storage of cigars something made out of Cedar.

These cigars are best known for being smooth and flavorful, owing to their dark and rich heritage of Cuba. With each passing year, H Upmann presents a plethora of choices to their loyal cigar enthusiasts. Also, best known for their handmade rolled out cigars. With the experience of more than 180+ years, they have stayed true to their quality and originality of cigars.


Don Francisco E Fonseca was born in 1869 in Cuba and becoming the founder of Fonseca Cigar Company in 1892, and registering the brand bearing his name in 1907. A handsome man who deeply cared for his looks is reflected in his cigars and their presentation. They were dressed in a silky tissue-like paper and a tradition which still can be traced in all the Habanos, under his name.

His cigars are not only unique in taste, aroma, and flavor but also in their presentation that it bore. These cigars paired with a light meal makes it a great combination to be followed. Earlier Fonseca cigars were only sold in Cuba, but later on, started selling worldwide. This remains one of the most respected cigar brands from its motherland. These are also made in the Dominican Republic, where they are wrapped in a beautiful, light-colored wrapper. Cigars are well blended with a well-aged mixture of Dominican long-fillers with delicious Mexican leaf.

This results in a smooth and deliciously creamy smoked flavored cigars, with best-balanced aromas.


When it comes to English tobaccos, Dunhill is the name that reverberates in one’s mind. Meticulously created with some very bold traditional English mixtures by Alfred Dunhill in 1907. Its pipe tobacco is most sought-after within the cigar enthusiasts. Made from the finest of tobacco, Dunhill cigars are available for every palate. From medium-bodied Dominican Ligero and Brazilian Matza Fina Filler 1907 to a full-bodied heritage cigar creating an impression with the Nicaraguan and Honduran peppery tobacco.

Therefore, creating a portfolio for every cigar connoisseur and making sure to provide the best quality and dignity cigars, which they are famous for indeed and their reputation is based upon.


Rocky Patel has created a company that even outshines the many multi-million-dollar companies. Introduced to cigars through a friend, Rocky Patel was very much fascinated with them. At that time the cigar industry was a boom all over the American Market. Then he was approached to manufacture cigars and soon the Honduran cigars started flourishing in America.  

Rocky spends much of his time on the road, traveling and telling people of his stellar products getting to know people around the world and their attitude. While he is not on the roads, he is seen focusing on the production and blending of cigars. He believes in making complex cigars which indeed need deft knowledge and a go-to do attitude towards work.

FACT – His highest rated cigar from Cigar Aficionado Magazine that earned 95 points and become the #2 cigar in 2016.


These are the Nicaraguan handmade cigars with deep and complex flavors. Much of the hype comes from its anniversary cigars, like Padron 1964 and Padron 1926. The leaves that are used to create a perfect Nicaraguan Padron cigar comes from the fertile lands and soils of Esteli, Nicaragua. This intriguing mixture of tobacco produces rich, deep, and robust cigar with an extremely sweetish finish. They have even been rated as high as 93.

The blend of Padron is available in two equally impressive varieties namely Maduro and natural (Sumatra). Both of them are reasonably priced and well-acclaimed internationally.


One of the best cigar brands in the world currently. It was created in 1966 mainly for diplomatic purposes around. It is a combination of two of the most premium cigars, first being produced in Cuba for Habanos S.A. and second being in the Dominican Republic for the U.S based General Cigar Company.

The tobacco used for Cohiba cigars comes from the first-class tobacco fields. It is handily picked from the San Luis and San Juan y Martinez areas of the Vuelta Abajo region of Pinar Del Rio Province. Crafted in such a fashion which aims to produce smoothest of all the cigars.

Cohiba cigars tend to be medium to full-bodied in flavor.


One of the first cigar brand to be manufactured on the soils of Honduras. Thus, becoming the premium brand of the cigar which is non-Cuban. One can find a huge variety of cigars in the Punch portfolio ranging from the medium to full-bodied flavored cigars. The tobacco which is used for rolling out the cigars comes from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and the U.S.A.

The variety can even be found in the wrappers differing from Ecuadoran Sumatra to Connecticut Shade. Punch is a world-class cigar as described by many cigar connoisseurs. Receiving a well-deserved 93+ rating and becoming as the #12 cigars in 2018.


A special blend carefully handcrafted by the legendary cigar maker Rolando Reyes Sr. This man is till date considered as one of the best blenders in the world with his exquisite techniques, experiences, and blends. He is known not only for its top-notch quality and construction but also for a special recipe or ingredient which was used during the process of fermentation. Maintaining from mellow to medium-bodied flavors and ranging from a complex of fillers coming in from Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan soils.

Well-constructed cigar burns evenly producing flavors of smoked cedar and with hints of coffee as well. Wrapper normally used is Ecuadoran Sumatra, with shapes of cigars ranging wide like Corona Gorda, Gorda, Robusto, Toro, etc.


From its beginning in 1935, it soon went on to become the world’s most famous cigar trademark. Alonso Menendez purchased a cigar factory in Cuba with the hopes of making it big in the cigar market around the world. Menendez gave his entire life to what the world knows today as one of the greatest of all cigars currently – Montecristo.

These were some of the most worldwide known brands of cigars. We hope that from this article we were able to provide our readers with some insights and information, which they weren’t aware of. Hope to see you soon again, with another great article with some other topic from across the globe.

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