Types Of Coffee Brands That Are Made In India

Coffee! it’s not just a brewed drink anymore. It is a necessity for many people, they need their morning cup of coffee, a stress-relieving cup of coffee, a cozy cup of coffee, a need-to-stay-awake cup of coffee, and what not! The most important question is what brand or what level of roasted coffee do you like. Well, here we have listed some amazing Indian coffee brands that are going to do wonders for your day-to-day life.

Country bean


To be honest, this is one of the best Indian Coffee brands I have ever tried. One cup of Country bean coffee will refresh you, plus the taste is absolutely amazing and super flavorful.  Country Bean provide coffee in different flavours and that are; Cocoa mint, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Berry, Choco orange and the plain Espresso. Not only coffee but they also provide you with 2 types of hot chocolate varieties (the classic and peppermint) and Granolas.
Have hot lattes, classic black coffee or a cold frappe; you’ll love it in every way. All of their coffee blends are fun and super tasty.

Blue Tokai


Delhi based artisanal coffee brand Blue Tokai is a big name in the Coffee industry; it started in year 2013 and later on reached the heights that it is on as you read this. They bring out their coffee from some best of coffee producing farms. They even give you coffee options that are; dark, medium and light, and in my eyes that is a top-notch customer choice consideration. They provide multiple coffee flavors that can come under the following divisions; fruity, cherry, roasted nuts, earthy, and chocolaty. They straight up connect farmers to consumers and that is commendable.

The Indian Bean


The Indian Bean gives access to people so that they can taste some good quality Indian coffee. Their coffees are strong and rich in taste, it’ll linger in your mind for a really long time. They provide you 4 types of coffee and those are;

Frowner’s Coffee it is dark roasted which means its strong and it can totally give you some kick-ass energy plus a ting of fruity taste is amazing.

Bullet Coffee- it has everything you’d want in a cup of coffee, hint of cocoa, vanilla and a little nutty on the tongue.

Maland Coffee it’ll leave a bitter-sweet aftertaste plus it just tastes like your classic cup of coffee.

The Coffee Co.


The Coffee Co. started in the year 2013 and kid you not; their coffee never fails to astonish the world. They have presented their coffee blends in 3 different ranges; Morning dew (light roast), Southern Estate (medium roast), Rea (dark roast/intense flavor). In these ranges they have offered us 6 coffee blends, and all of them are breathtakingly tasteful!

Note: they also give you options of some nice brewing equipment.

Seven Beans Co.


Seven beans have some unique coffee blends for many reasons. It’s an Indian-Italian venture to provide you with some world-class coffee. They have 3 best types of coffees;

Urja it is a high quality medium roasted coffee blend and it is not that harsh to drink, totally gives off that dark chocolate flavor.

Mishta smooth on the tongues, super velvety, plus it gives a caramel flavor with a hint of white chocolate.

Eka this is one of those gourmet coffee beverage that you get at high-end cafes. It a nutty and spicy taste, plus this is a coffee you love to have in winters.

Seven beans “100% original” It tastes strong and can keep you up whenever you want to. Try it and thank us!

The Flying Squirrel


What started in year 2013 is now one of the best leading coffee brands in India. The name came from the significance of flying squirrels in the farming area, well now I guess those squirrels must be proud.

They offer 11 amazing coffee blends and that are; Aromatique (mildly fruity), Café chic (strong/deep roasted), clouds in my coffee (spicy and woody), Deep bliss (chocolaty and earthy), organic green beans (light, unroasted), Parama (caramel and chocolate), Rohan bhopanna’s master blend (toffee flavoured), Sattva (berry and floral), Sunkissed (citrus), Cold brew blend (velvety with chocolate finish) and Tall dark and handsome (smoky and creamy espresso).

If you are confused between all of this, I suggest you buy their taster pack of 6 or 7.



Bru was introduced in India in the year 1969 by Hindustan Unilever Limited. It is one of the most consumed coffee brands in India. There are many variants of bru; bru exotic, bru gold, bru roast, bru select,Etc.

Cafe Coffee Day


One of the most successful Indian cafe chains in India and it was founded in year 1996. Coffee blend by CCD doesn’t need any explanation as it speaks highly of itself in every sip of it.

Bolt cold brew


It all started in year 2019 and there is no stopping in the future for this coffee company. The idea is very different and unique and I guess that is why it attracts so many coffee lovers. Bolt Cold Brew does not make coffee powders but they serve us with 60ml bottled coffee shots. You have them whenever needed, especially when you need energy or want to stay up (that is when I drink them though, speaking from experience). They have 6 variants of their cold brew shots; Pure black, Blew berry, Loppy lemon, Sassy saunf, Vivid vanilla and Ginn Gerry. Every brew shot explains itself with the name and trust me every flavour does justice, the taste is on point, and the energy it provides is unimaginable.
What else do you need from a coffee? That too a coffee shot!!

Try them and let us know which one is your favorite.

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