6 Different Types of Edible Mushroom You Might Have Never Heard Of!

Mushroom is a type of fungus which grows in humid and tropical regions. They are available in almost 3500 varieties;most of these are considered as wild species, and being toxic in nature are not edible. Though, apart from the wild ones, there are some delicious and nutritious mushrooms out in the market which can be eaten in different ways and with different dishes. Here are 6 types of mushroom many of you must be unaware of that are the yummiest and probably the best among all.

Button Mushroom

Most popular and consumed variety of mushrooms is the white button mushrooms. Its botanical name being Agaricus Bisporus are available throughout the year. These mushrooms are a small button like caps attached to its stem. These soft and squashy mushrooms are believed to have a meat-like texture and are so versatile that it can be eaten raw as well as cooked. These mushrooms have antioxidants, potassium, vitamin D and amino acid in a minimum amount. It can also be stored in the freezer for around a week if packed properly in an airtight bag or container.

Cremini Mushroom

It is also one among the varieties of table mushrooms named Agaricus Bisporus. They are a bit darker in shade to that of the button mushrooms and are loved because of its smooth and subtle flavor. They are also consumed raw and cooked they can be stir-fried with a lot of veggies and cheese with different types of sauce to enhance its taste and make it a bit healthier as a meal option, and they are often sold as Baby Portobello and Chestnut Mushrooms in different parts of the world.

Oyster Mushroom

These fan-shaped edible mushrooms have some alternate names like Pleurotus mushrooms, Angel’s wing, Dhingri and are among the carnivore species. These are mostly found in the tropical and humid regions, near water; these are easily cultivated too. It is rich in protein and also has mineral salts in it promoting good health and weight loss.  Oyster mushrooms are loved by the people of China and Japan and they cook them stir-fried veggies or in soups. In India, Kerala is the place where these mushrooms are cultivated in a large amount.

Portobello Mushroom

The third and the last variety from the Agaricus Bisporus family with flat caps with black gills underneath are the widely eaten varieties of mushroom. This is a nutritious option to add in your diet for lesser consumption of calories and better intake of nutrients and fiber. It helps in treating constipation and digestion-related issues and can be used in many dishes as a healthy substitute for meat. The Vitamin D present in it is good for your skin and hair, it even promotes weight loss.

Porcini Mushroom

Also known as King Bolete is one of the most delicious mushrooms species out there. These are popular among Italian and French people and are highly used in their dishes like in pasta, pizzas, and risottos. This tan-colored fungus has a nut-like flavor with a mildly chewy texture. They are rich in Vitamin B3 and B5 while increasing the daily intake of copper and zinc, as well. It’s only drawback being its price, being an exotic food variety it’s on the costlier side and is even not easily available.

Morel Mushroom

One of the most widely consumed wild fungi from around the world being grey in color. They are available in both small and large size having an oblong shape; it has some sort of patterns on its body with a small or medium-sized stem. These exotic mushrooms are highly expensive because of its delicious taste and unavailability. It has a unique tender texture and a distinct taste to it, making them popular among exotic food lovers. They are high in Vitamin d and antioxidants and have a minimal amount of calcium present in it, too.

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