Types Of Embarrassing Moments We’ve All Experienced *oops!*

Life isn’t perfect but your laugh can be. Sometimes we do need these embarrassing moments to give us a reality check to move on with life. All’s fair and square. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Laugh and move on. You’re not alone in this. Here’s a list of 20 most embarrassing moments we’ve all experienced at least once in our lifetime. And if you haven’t, yikes! Watch out.

Tripping in Public

Tripping in a public place has to be the most embarrassing moment since no one is bothered to help you and if you have evil friends, you’ll have a group of people laughing their butts off with fingers and phones pointed at you! We’ve all had PTSD from a very embarrassing tripping moment. The worst thing about tripping has got to be the reaction dilemma that comes after it. Are you supposed to laugh to look cool or cry because that’s what you really want to do after tripping?

The Wrong Number Wave

We’ve all been out in public, walking down a lane…and suddenly you see a face with a huge smile walking right towards you. Slowly they raise their hand and all your factual doubts disappear as that movement is enough to convince you that you know them. You lift your hand up and there you go waving. And Boom! There goes your delusion. The person walks right through you and you’re left looking like a complete idiot.

The Inside Out Moment

Changing in a hurry might not always be the best time-saving option. We have all at least once worn our outfit inside out and dared to walk around in public. Your innocence leaves a lot of eyes turning while you admire your fresh beauty and you come back home after a long day and sulk till you can’t sulk anymore because you look into the mirror to realize those eyes noticed something else!

Wrong Shoes

Obviously, by the time you realize, it’s just too late! Topping this group is a subgroup of people who have been out in public with their bathroom flip flops with a glam outfit. You must be your deity’s favorite if you notice it just before you leave but we know the only favorite of the deity is the one who always aces without studying.

Dangerous Text

And Send. And $#!% !! Aren’t we all grateful for the Unsend option these days? Future generation will never know the struggle of sending a very explicit text message to the absolute wrong person. You can’t do anything about it so you end up doing everything to make sure they don’t see it. Deactivate, Block, steal their phone, call them and beg them not to see. However, 99.99% of the time they end up seeing it and you’re left scarred for life.

Being walked In On Moment

This ruins relationships with people. Changing confidently in a room without locking it, thinking you can predict the future. Your mind starts going crazy with thoughts running a hundred miles an hour…” how will you ever face them?”, “how will you ever look into their eyes?”, “how to build a time machine?!”

Number One

We all know what a number one is and we have all done a number one and do it every day. The embarrassing moment occurs when we are asleep and have a dream. A dream that takes you to the loo. And as you take your illusional nature’s call, reality hits and you’re left embarrassed because you just had an irreversible incident! Oops!

Restaurant mishap

Pronunciation can be tricky. Pronouncing Italian names of food can be even trickier. We’ve all had a moment when we’ve pronounced it as Fillet and not Fillet or you misread Fried rice for French fries and order Fried Rice as an appetizer! The awkward moment doesn’t slip away easily even after glasses of wine down your throat.

Unhidden Truth

This mostly happens when you’re trying to make up a fake story which is easier than choosing the path of truth to not offend or hurt anyone. However, it all goes down the drain when they hit you with, “Um, we already know what happened, she told us”. Your time is officially up.

Slip of tongue

You ever gave a public speech, or spoke about something you believed in, confident and prepared. And then you go ahead and misplace your “P’s” with “F’s” and call it “Ferpect” or even worse, misquote an entire proverb. By the time you realise, the damage is well done. All your efforts into the speech is gone because now all they remember is how you pronounced it “Medolious” and not melodious

Zone Out

While you’re deep into a conversation, you can’t help but zone out. You try to refocus but your brain just can’t seem to. All you’re left seeing is a blurry figure, in the distant with no idea what they’re talking about. This gets worse when you’re in a classroom situation. And for some reason the whole universe fights to put you in the spotlight only when you zone out. And you’re left with a big question mark all over your face.

Zip it

Flushing may be an important thing to do after using the loo. However, another important to do after using the loo would be to zip your pant up. We are so excited to not miss out on the gossip and the fun, that we seem to rush through our nature’s call and forget to seal the exits. That would be the worse if you’re on a date or a meeting.

Failure Fart Moment

We may behave like we never fart but let’s face it, it’s important and natural and should be discussed more openly and have aromatic solutions to it. Its an embarrassing when you’re amidst a group of people and there isn’t enough of chaos. You think you’d let it slip and all your might goes into dropping silent bombs but like the explosion in Hiroshima, it was loud.

Drunken Flashback

Alcohol binds people together. You’re happy and confident. Sometimes a little too confident. You say things that you never would and do things that you would never dare. The night gets over and if you survive a really hard night, you’d wake up to some questionable pictures in your gallery and some embarrassing phone calls later that morning.

The Never Again Haircut

We all know how that ends. For guys its mostly going bald. You think you could pull it off and maybe you actually do but your brain mocks you every time you look into the mirror. For girls, its undoubtedly cutting bangs. Somehow, these bangs don’t seem to get along with the rest of the hair because they take forever to grow back to proper length and you’re left looking like an absolute uneven clown.

Wrong Pin

There was a time when credit cards were used only by the elites. But now, it has become so common that most of us own at least three. It’s all fun and games till you start confusing the pins. You confuse one and you start freaking out, this causes you to forget the other two pins as well and you end up just mix matching numbers hoping something will work and your waiter or the cashier stares annoyed at you because you’ve refused his “cash” option five times because we all know what it’s really about.

Butter Fingers

Lifting or holding things has to be your number one pet peeve if you have butter fingers. It’s the worst when you are given the sole, trusted responsibility to hold something really precious. You hold it, take care of it and somehow you start feeling way too confident and stop paying attention to it and to the fact that you have butter fingers and the thing goes down in pieces.

Wrong Answer

You raise your hand in class, thinking you really got it this time, worst of all for the first time and you actually get picked to answer the question despite the odds. You shout out your answer, and the whole class starts laughing at you. The teacher laughs at you and yells at you to sit your ass back down.


Another embarrassing thing we’ve all had but never discussed would be our flushing stories. We’ve all tried to flush down something we don’t want to be seen. But the flush just doesn’t agree on it. Your state of mind just doesn’t align with the flush because no matter how many times you try to flush it all down, it’s back up looking right at you! This is most embarrassing when you’re not at you own crib but your friend’s or a friend’s friend.

Stalking Gone Wrong

Break ups and rivalries can be tough on people. It’s normal to want to check up on them. To find out, let’s face it, they’re doing worse without you. However, stalking isn’t the same on social media. You’re hands down scrolling through stories and posts and cracking the meanings behind their captions. You want to find out the real meaning behind their captions and who it’s for, so you scroll down the comments and oops! You end like liking their comment, or, oops! you end up following them while reading their bio, or, oops! you end up video calling them while reading your last chat. We have all been there.

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