Types Of Expensive Cats In The World

If there is one pet which is preferred and adored the most in the world after dogs, it is definitely the cat. These cute, fluffy creatures are just irresistible and no one will disagree with this fact. Despite being so obnoxious, cats can charm anyone with their cute and adorable nature. Just like dogs, these cute creatures also bring joy to their owners. And the best part is that you don’t even have to put a harness around them to accompany you. They will simply follow you anyways! No one has ever been able to resist the impulse of stroking a lovely cat, don’t you agree? Cats are probably the only creatures in the world who have the largest capacity of getting attention from their lovers anytime. It seems like they are always telling us, “Hello, excuse me! Give me some attention and also some love, will you? Please?” Well, that’s really cute, isn’t it?

Now, there are numerous cat breeds in the world. However, there are certain breeds of cats which are so expensive that they will raise your eyebrows. Let’s have a look at a few types of expensive cats in the world:

Scottish Fold ($ 3000)

This breed gets its name from Scotland itself from where it has been originally developed. This cute little creature looks no less than a teddy bear with its ears which have the flexibility to fold forward and downward. Although these cats seem to be sad all the time but they are actually very much happy and content with the ability to make anyone feel energetic all the time. Its price range begins from $ 3000.

Bengal Cat ($ 25,000)

If you are looking for a perfect feline breed then Bengal cats are the best for you. But do not misjudge them by their simple look! These cats are considered to be one of the most expensive creatures in the world with price ranges starting from $ 25,000.

Persian Cat ( $ 5,500)

Originally hailing from Persia (now Iran), Persian cats are probably the cutest cat breed ever. These cats are known for their soft, lustrous hair and of course, pansy type of faces. They can easily adapt to any environment and are known for their gentle nature. They are also quite playful while their eyes are full of expressions all the time, thereby making them more adorable. Their price range is approximately $ 5,500.

Ashera ($ 125,000)

These cats have a striking similarity with snow leopards and are probably the costliest ones in the world. In fact, very few people in the world have the privilege of owning this amazing breed of cats. The Ashera is known to be very loyal to its owner. It is also very much affectionate and intelligent thereby earning the privilege of being a prized possession. The Ashera costs around $ 125,000.

Savannah Cat ($ 50,000)

These amazing cats are considered to be the most loyal cat breeds and have the ability of being trained like dogs. However, they are known to be quite hostile towards strangers and even have the habit of hissing and growling at them. These curious, smart and playful cats cost around $ 50,000.

American Curl ($1,200)

This cute cat breed possesses a silky coat, a rectangular – shaped body and ears which are curling around all the time. You will seriously feel like holding this adorable cat once you catch a glimpse of it. This cat is basically known for its friendly nature and maintains a good rapport not only with human beings but also its fellow cats. This amazing breed’s price range starts with approximately $ 1,200.

British Shorthair ($ 1,000)

As the name suggests, the British Shorthair has really short hair in reality and is quite chubby in nature. It is a socialite which loves to hang around with human beings and of course, its fellow cats. However, these cats definitely do not like being carried or held for a long time. Boy, what attitude, huh! These round – shaped, fluffy cats cost around $ 1,000.

Maine Coon ($ 1000)

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If you are someone who is residing in very cold and chilly weather then the Maine Coon is the best for you. Known for its amazing hunting skills, this American native is cute and fluffy and at the same time, costly too! Its price ranges from around $ 1000.

American Wirehair ($ 1200)

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The American Wirehair is cute little cat which is very much resilient to diseases and is very easy to maintain. It has a coat similar to wirehair because of which it gets its unique name. This feline cat is very affectionate and has a good nature towards human beings. This expensive cat costs around $ 1200.

Russian Blue ($ 3000)

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The Russian Blue is a unique looking feline cat with a beautiful silver coat and green emerald looking eyes. It happens to be an ideal pet for every household because of its playful and smart nature. However, it is very much shy when it comes to meeting strangers. The price of the wonderful Russian Blue cat ranges from around $ 3000.

Peterbald ($ 5000)

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Despite being a hairless cat, the Peterbald is considered to be one of the costliest pets in the world. It mostly has a coat that resembles velvet or a man’s beard. These cats are extremely delightful and can be your perfect companions for having fun. The price of a Peterbald ranges from around $ 5000.

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