Types Of Expensive Dogs In The World

They say dogs are man’s best friend, however some of our four-legged friends cost in excess of a small vehicle!

We’ve gathered together a list of 10 most expensive dogs on the planet, just in case you feel like spending a BIG amount of the cash. Own one of these canine companions and you’ll be dropping a couple thousand dollars… least!

SAMOYED ($14000/ ₹1057165)

This Siberian bread is said to be The most expensive dog breed across the globe. For the breed, the owners make sure that they’re on leash as they can roam to miles without any problem. This rare specie is popular for being friendly, super adorable and  loving to their owner. Although, having a pet like this can cause huge trouble to your pocket as their health and living expenditure is quite a lot and can totally give a smack to your budget!

LÖWCHENS($12000/ ₹906141.)

Löwchens ere solely for noblemen, nowadays it’s quite rare and that’s the reason why they’re so pricey. In German, the word “Löwchen” means little lion and hence, often they are given a lion like haircut. This breed is very popular amongst Europeans. It was the rarest dog across the globe as once, there were just 65 of these were left ! Good thing is that these dogs are quite healthy so their health expenditure won’t bring up a problem for you. 

CHOW CHOW($8500/ ₹641850)

These happens to be one of the oldest dog breed in the world. Originated in Northern China, these cute furry dogs are famous for their appearance and their energy. Chow chow’s living expenses like food, health and grooming costs way too much. These are fluffy, available in different colour fur like red, black, blue, cream and cinnamon. They have a very special tongue colour which is black.

TIBETAN MASTIFF($10000/ ₹755118)

The Tibetan mastiffs are the largest and the most protective breeds in dogs across the world. These were used by Tibetans to protect their sheep from predators. These breeds are relatively healthy but are prone to genetic health problems which might cost you some good amount of money if you adopt one of these gigantic breed pup.

AZAWAKH($9500/ ₹717362)

These African dogs can run up to 44 miles per hour and hence are very famous for their speed. These dogs aren’t easily available for purchase. They obviously need a great workout and are very friendly to humans and other dogs. Azawakh recovers very fast from injuries as they are fit but yet they’re prone to genetic diseases like epilepsy. 

ROTTWEILER ($6000/ ₹453070)

One of the most famous police dogs – Rottweilers are very much fierce and good guard. The breed is quite common nowadays yet despite of that they are expensive because of their compatibility. If anyone’s looking for a guardian for their house, a Rottweiler is the perfect candidate you’re looking for. 

CANADIAN ESKIMO DOG($9000/ ₹679606)

Canadian eskimos are currently facing a verge of extinction as they’re just left 300 all over the world. These dogs were popular when they weren’t an extinct specie amongst Canadian police. As it is suggestive, these are good guard dogs and have a good built. Canadian eskimos are a lookalike of Siberian husky, they do have differences but you can not count them out until you’re a dog expert.

PHARAOH HOUND($6000/ ₹453070)

With having a mysterious origin until today’s date, these dogs are just called Pharaoh hounds just because they look like Egyptian dogs, not because they have their roots to Egypt.  Pharaoh hounds are also called “rabbit dogs” as they’re famous for hunting down rabbits. Another bizarre fact about this specie is that they “blush” when they’re happy ! This isn’t a joke, their nose and ears do turn a deep rose colour when they’re excited. 

AKITA($4000/ ₹302047)

Akitas are very obedient and loyal but to achieve that, first you gotta train them real hard. These dogs are originated in Japan but as of now they are of two varieties, Japanese and American. They can also be stubborn and dominant hence, rigorous training is the only way out to bring the best amongst these pretty Japanese creatures.

AFGHAN HOUND($7000/ ₹528582)

Probably the most prettiest solely because of their fur, these creatures are genuinely very good to look at. As they have the best fur, the do require maintenance at its best ! Their grooming and medical expenditure can cost you more than it’s purchase cost. Regular hair brushing is absolutely necessary as their silky coat can get tangled very easily. These beautiful unicorn like rare species are found in mountains of Afghanistan. 

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