Types Of Eyeliner Styles To Try Out Next

How many types of eyeliner styles do you know about? Maybe 2 or 4?

Not that many I’m guessing because we all lust after that perfect wing and brownie points if it’s same on both the eyes! Same for me too unless I’m feeling a bit adventurous and want to try out other styles. Well nobody has to look too far for it.

We’ll start with the basics first so the number one on the list is→



This one is the go-to look for almost the entire population mostly for its simple application and the perfect outlining it does for our eyes.

It starts as a thin line on the inner corners of your eyes and thickens in the middle followed by a tip in the end. Easy-peasy. Except it’s not and most of us do make mistakes in the simplest of tasks. So proper concentration and quick fingers and you have it.

Doubles not singles


A risky one but looks great when you want to bring attention to your eyes. This look personally is a heavy one so avoid dark lipsticks or too much blush.

The lines starts from the inner corners of your eyes, both on the upper as well the lower lashes and thickens in the middle before thinning out as both the lines meet at the outer corner of your eyes. It screams drama. But the good type.

One drop flick


The one which doesn’t draw much attention to your eyes and you can get away with a natural make up look.

The line starts from the inner corner of your eyes and ends with a slight drop at the outer corner of your eyes.

Go bold or do nothing


Total winner. It works like a charm when you are going for a look that seeks attention and makes you look like this lady who builds castles in the air in her free time.

A very thick line on the upper eyelid.

Cat eye look


It’s a look that when one is wearing it, green-eyed monsters follow them everywhere. Nobody can blame them though.

It starts as a single line and gradually thickens before it ends at the outer corner of your eyes with an insanely perfect flick.

Double flick


A challenging choice but you can only work it if the double flicks are on fleek!

The line starts of as single before ending in two flicks at the outer corner of your eyes.

Open wing


Who doesn’t have days where make up is the last thing on their mind or don’t have enough time to have it on their mind? Everybody! So this is your way out of this mess→

YES OPEN WING IT! The line starts of from the inner corner of your eyes on both your eye lids and ends bending in two outer wings.

Smudge proof


Yes I know smudge proof is THE trend in the market and everybody follows it as if it is a hard and fast rule but this type of eyeliner is all about how good you can smudge it.

There is a simple line on the upper lid. On the lower lid, in the middle (or the entire lower lid), starts the smudge process and both the lines meet at the outer corner of your eyes.

Now you don’t have to worry about your eye look for any occasions. ‘Just wear and wing it like it’s nobody’s business!’

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