Types Of Flowers To Gift Your Loved One

Are you confused about what you should gift your loved ones? Well, here we are at your rescue, whether it’s Valentine’s, birthday, or anniversary, nothing is better than some good flowers. Here is a list of some of the most appropriate flowers to gift to your loved one.

1. Rose

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Of course, the rose has to be on the top of this list. What’s better than a rose to set a romantic mood on. Whether it’s Valentine or your wedding night, you are surely gonna find a rose setting the perfect aura for you. Rose resembles love, romance, and desire making it a classic choice without a doubt.

2. Carnations

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Carnations are beautiful flowers that are available in some extremely, beautiful colors such as pink, white, and purple. Carnation symbolizes admiration, deep love, and affection. So if you are someone who cannot express much just give your love a set of these, and you are good to go.

3. Tulips

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Tulips are large, showy, and brightly colored flowers available in colors such as red, pink, yellow, or white. Tulips are the symbols of perfect and true love since they bloom during spring. So if you deeply love someone, just go and give them this and you will surely make them go all happy and emotional.

4. Orchids

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Orchids or Orchidaceae are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants. Orchids are related to fertility, virility, and sexuality. They are usually associated with couples and their exotic experience. It is a perfect gift for days when you are going to have an exciting night with your partner.

5. Lilies

source: gardeners world

Lilium or just Lily, are herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs into large flowers. Lily has both cultural and literary importance in the world. Lily can be given to express the purity of your love, freshness, and innocence. This can be an ideal choice to show your partner how much pure and innocent your relationship is.

6. Sunflower

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So sunflowers are my personal favorite because their elegant and bright structure just brings a smile to our face instantly. Sunflowers represent admiration, loyalty, and longevity. An ideal choice for long-distance peeps, as you can express your loyalty towards one another and show that your love is stronger than the distance you have.

7. Chrysanthemums

source: RHS

Chrysanthemums are November flowers, also known as mums and chrysanths. They have a huge range of varieties but all of them mean the same. Chrysanthemums symbolize devoted love, joy, happiness, and longevity. They make the environment fresh and bright, lifting everyone’s mood around them.

8. Daisies

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What’s better than having some fresh daisies in your garden or your room. They are so pretty that you could stare at them for the entire day, and still wouldn’t get bored. Daisies portray purity and innocence, they even are Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is the love, beauty, and fertility goddess.

9. Peonies

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Peonies have more than 33 species, each of which is exceptionally gorgeous. This flower is all about romance, it symbolizes happy marriage, prosperity, honor, and compassion. The ideal choice for all the married couples out there, don’t shy away from telling your partner how much you are grateful for them.

10. Sweet Peas

sweet peas
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Sweet peas are a flowering plant found in the regions of southern Italy and the Aegean Islands. They are also commonly called as the Lathyrus odoratus. Its name is derived from the Latin words, ‘Lathyrus’ meaning pulse and ‘Odoratus’ meaning fragrant. This beauty portrays pleasure, delicacy, and bliss.

11. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise
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As extra-ordinary it sounds, it also looks exceptionally dynamic and fabulous. This one originates from South Africa and is also called the Crane flower. The flower represents paradise, freedom, joy, and brightness. If you feel that your loved one is a paradise for you, go tell that by giving them these gems.

12. Delphinium

source: chhajed garden

Delphinium or Larkspur are delicate pretty flowers. The word Delphinium is derived from the Greek word ‘Delphinion larkspur’ which means dolphins, they got this name since they are dolphin-shaped. They represent cheerfulness, goodwill, joy, and remembering your loved ones. So when you remember your loved one, don’t forget to give them a bunch of these.

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