Types Of Fragrance Notes And Types Of Perfumes

There are so many types of perfumes, deodorants, and colognes, but do you know what are their base notes, where do they come from, which fragrance is to be worn when and what fragrance suits your body. Well, here we bring to you some types of fragrance notes and types of perfumes. Have to go to an event? want to attract someone or just want to smell amazing for yourself?
Here you go!

Types Of Fragrance Notes


Floral scents are dominated by one particular flower, like- lavender, rose, lily, etc.
mostly it is natural and the fragrance oil comes from flower’s petals. Also, these are used as a base notes for many perfume and deodorants.


Fruity smells are pleasant and used by majority. Fruity fragrances tend to have a very sweet aromatic smell. It comes from many fruits like- berry, mango, apple, peach and literally anything you can think of.


As the name suggests citrus based perfumes or deodorants come from lemon, lime and anything tangy. These kinds of fragrances tend to give a very fresh vibe. Sometimes these fragrances can be soft or super strong on the base notes.


These are a little new in the market as gives a very fresh subtle fragrance note, not too strong and not too soft. It is smells like mountains and beaches (cliché, I know). Very apt for a corporate event and always gives a sharp scent.

Earthy/ animalistic / oriental

Trying to attract or impress someone, this is your fragrance.  They last long and are very sharp yet not too strong. Earthy fragrances usually have musky base notes and can be worn anywhere but on a date night, this is a must!


Woody fragrances come from oak trees and citrusy aromas. It can be used by both men and women. These kinds of scents have a appeal to it and are apt to be worn at a corporate event or at work..


Ah! This fragrance is by far the most worn and loved one. It is very strong and gives a very sharp scent, Smells very luxurious and classy. This scent comes from spices like cloves, cinnamon and anything strong. Apt for anything casual!

Types Of Perfumes


Parfum has the highest concentration of essential oils and is super strong.

Eau de parfum

Eau de parfum has lower concentration than parfum. It is between 30-40% strong which is lesser than Parfum. These kinds of perfumes are apt for people who have sensitive skin.

Eau de toilette

Eau de toilette has lesser percentage of essential oils; it is used as a skin freshener also the smell of it is very light. Body mists are a perfect example of eau de toilette.

Eau de cologne and Eau fraiche

In the race of essential oils, eau de cologne stands at the end. It’s not very strong but sometimes it lasts long. Apt for men but can be worn by ladies too.

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