Types Of Friends In Every College Group( Phir Hera Pheri edition)

A combination of boring lectures and weird friends is known as college. No matter how hard you try to stay away from people and not make friends, but in the end, you will become a part of a group that has some weird people. The best thing about the college friends group is that each group will have different people. And there will be no similarity between them. They will stay together but, their way of living and experiencing college life will be different from each other. In today’s blog, we are going to have a close look at the types of friends in each college group (Phir Hera Pheri Edition).

The topper friend

The first type of friend in every group is the topper one. He might not be the topper of the class. But, he will be the savior of the group. The performance of the whole depends on that one person. During the exam time, he will teach every friend of the group. Only because of him, the entire group of friends will achieve good grades. But, even after helping everyone in their exams, that one friend will never get that much respect in the group. 

The Reporter

After the topper of the group, comes the reporter of the group. Every group will have a reporter friend in their group. This person will have the knowledge of everything happening in the class and in other sections too. Be it about the relationship of other people of the class or the fight among two people of different sections. He will know about everything. And he will be the one who will inform about every news to the other members of the group. This person is the only reason that everyone at the college knows everything about every group and section.

The couple

Love is everywhere and in every group of friends as well. Talking about friends group and how can we miss a couple of the group. Sometimes you have to include the partner of your friend in your group or sometimes the couple will be formed within the group. Not everyone in the group wants the couple. But, now they can not do anything about it. Sometimes when the couple fights, the other members of the group have to either choose one person’s side or have to say away from it. There will always be conflicts between them. And the others will also get affected by it.

The movie mafia

Every friend group will have one friend who loves movies and will know everything about it. He is the one who suggests other what to watch and where to watch. He will also provide the movies to others if needed. This friend is the most respected one in the group. 

The Comedian

Every group has an entertainer. And that friend is the one who will make everyone laugh in the group. He will entertain others in the boring lectures. Sometimes, all the friends are thrown out of the class only because of him. Every teacher hates this one friend of the group. And the teachers will continuously ask others to leave his side. And according to them, he is the one who is spoiling other friends of the group.

The boast

Boasting about anything is not a bad thing. It gives you confidence sometimes. And in every college group, there will be a friend who always gives that confidence to himself. He will always boast about anything. That friend does not want to show superiority among the friends. He will do it for himself and every other member are already aware of it. Sometimes that friend becomes the target of their fun.

College is about spending time with your friends and making thousands of memory every day. Do not hesitate to make different types of friends and enjoy the weirdness of everyone. If you are a part of any friend group and you have similar friends then please like and share it with your friends’ group. 

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