Types of Music Genres


Pop music is the kind of music which doesn’t work much on technical and artistic aspects but rather focuses on giving you a “poppy” and edgy feel.

This kind of music is aimed to appeal to a general audience rather than focusing on a particular category of people. The word ‘pop’ comes from the word popular. This music originated from the United States mainly and was referred to as Dance Music. Pop music has produced the highest number of hits because is upbeat and it focuses on common themes.

 It has both negative and positive lyrical setups which impacts both ways to the society. It is used to reflect emerging trends and not particularly anyone’s personal ideologies.

Pop music is often repetitive to create a rhythmic element that stands out. Pop music has more professionalism into it. Starting from America and Britain, now pop music has become a famous internationally recognized genre in the world of music.

Famous artists: Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Chris brown


The 1950s decade saw the rise of many distinctive rock music bands. Rock music has greatly evolved over the past years and has gained its own famous identity.

Live performances in front of a large crowd became standard for the rock music industry. Headline acts would draw a big crowd and add to the reputation of the performer. Singers would captivate the attention of an audience with their rock styling.

Rock music certainly appealed to a growing fan base in good time. It represented a big step forward for dedicated music fans that people wanted to emulate. The genre sold millions of records and fans definitely made their voices heard all across the world too.

Guitars, drums etc. were the prime involvements for a rock band.  The singer would be the lead on stage and the band would play in kind. Fans followed that kind of performance with great interest over time. Rock music evolved rapidly during the course of the 1960’s too.

In the rock music, every rock band displays its own unique style with different tunes, sets and ways. These days, live concerts and open band performances are held. These are inspired from the same rock music evolved years ago and have gained a lot of popularity.

Famous artists: The Beach boys, Beatles, One Direction


Hip hop is said to be more of a sub-culture movement than a music genre. It is also called rap music. Hip hop started in New York City.

Other elements of the movement, beside rap music, included beat boxing, hip hop fashion, being street smart, philosophical knowledge of what the sub-culture was about and hip hop language. It was mainly seen in outdoor block parties.

 The hip hop music is termed of as being quite a socially centered music genre, i.e., taking up a social cause and forming out a song or rap music out of it. It has also helped emerging talents from minorities in various communities.

Hip hop has been one of those major music genres which is famous as a trend-setter. The clothing, expressions etc. are very important for a hip hop artist as the fans, especially youth,  adapt them in their life.

Hip hop has evolved and it now has a number of sub-genres such as conscious rap, battle rap, crunk, snap, trap music and West Coast hip hop. However, it still has some distinctive features such as; heavy bass lines, a tempo of about 70-100 beats per minute, syncopated drum beats and deep, meaningful lyrics. The lyrics are often meant to help listeners create a mental image of whatever the song is talking about. However, the lyrics could sometimes be about parties, bragging and insulting. It often includes poetry, spoken word and some singing. Young people all across the world have been influenced both positively and negatively by the hip hop culture.

Famous artists: JayZ, Eminem, Drake


Country music is famous for its soft and humble beginnings and simple ways of dealing with issues. This music is based on love, empathy, death, pain, nostalgia and religion.

The music is excellent for enjoyment when it is about love. This can be the best music genre to listen to with your loved one. The lyrics are so deep and when listening to the words carefully, you can as well recite them to your partner.

These songs are familiar to operas, movies mostly associated with falling in love. If you wish to have a romantic and calm moment with your lover, country music will help you get there.

It can also be great for pain relief as it has a positive effect on pain management and this includes heartbreaks. The tracks involved in this music genre are mainly known to be heartfelt songs. Country music is a soothing melody to the heart, soul, and mind. Try listening to these songs and your days are bound to get brighter.

Famous artists: Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Bob Dylan

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Nightclubs and raves have seen the rise of electronic dance music (EDM) for those follow along. EDM is sure to wow audiences with its incredible style and form. Progressive music can be generated rapidly for fans that enjoy the style.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has captivated the attention of many that follow rave music itself. Dancers and music fanatics see something special when it comes to EDM. That has convinced many to give the music a try for themselves.

EDM has revolutionized the music industry with its amazing music beats and interesting lyrics. Night performances are popular with Electronic Dance Music (EDM) for a good reason. That may be combined with a laser light show that everyone wants to see. That has been a running theme with Electronic Dance Music (EDM) over the decades. Performers captivate the attention of a crowd with their dazzling light display. That is part of the reason people tend to appreciate the music scene for themselves.

Famous artists: Skrillex, Deadmau5


Rather than a sound, indie comprises all independently recorded music. Its artists release music on their own record label or an independent label, meaning a record label unaffiliated with a major record label.

Indie music comprises a broad spectrum of music spanning all genres. You’ll find indie country, indie pop, indie rock. Any genre normally controlled by major labels features an indie genre. Most artists create music of this genre on a low to mid-sized budget. Its audience generally ranges from teenagers to 35 year olds.

 In general, indie music features a clear melody and simple instrumentation. The influence of folk and country music pervades and many songs feature violin or piano. The musical composition often features a four instrument with main combination of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums with harmonized vocals. Its simple arrangements make it easy to cover the songs, making it popular with young musicians.

Famous artists: Coldplay, The strokes

It has become a common and one of the most important part of live DJs and concerts. Sometimes, it takes just one musician to play the music live in front of a crowd. It is sometimes a mix artist that really understands how the equipment itself can be used overall. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has positioned itself as a leader in the growing industry over time. The music industry has been impressed by the rise of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). That has opened the door for many new people to get actively involved with the music scene too.

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