Types Of Girls During Their Period *Laughs* (Kajol Edition)

Being a girl is a blessing itself. As a girl, you get the privilege to give birth to a child. But with the privilege, there is a drawback too. The drawback is that you have to go through your periods every month. And if you are wondering what a period is and why I am only referring to girls then you must have skipped your biology classes. Anyways, a period which is also known as the mensuration happens when a girl hits her puberty. It lasts for almost 4-5 days and it happens every month till the age of 45. During their period, a girl goes through different changes and pain. And every girl has their way to manage those changes. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the types of girls during their period (Kajol Edition).

The mood swings one

The first category is for girls who have mood swings during their period. Mood swings mean that the girl can feel irritated, sad, and happy at the same time. A girl will start crying at any small thing. And the best part is that even she does not have any idea why she is crying. Some girls know how to control their emotions while some can not control it. And it is completely normal to feel happy and crying at the same time. 

The always late 

Well, as per the doctors the period arrival time for every girl is after 30 days of her previous one. But, some girls can not have their periods on time. This category is about the girls who always have their period delayed. Their arrival time of the period is always late. And due to this, they can not keep track of their dates. And if you are someone who has some irregularities in your period time, then you should consult a doctor. 

The extra concerned one 

During these times, some girls get extra concerned about themselves. And not just about themselves they are concerned about making a mess or leaving any stains behind. Even though there will be nothing on their clothes but they will continuously worry about it. They will continuously ask other girls to check their back and confirm that there is no stain on their clothes. They are so much concerned about staining that they will stop wearing light-colored clothes during these days. 

The Superstitious one

Superstitions are everywhere and in everything. The best way to deal with it is to have awareness about it. But there are some girls who are educated and still follow the superstitions. They still believe that a girl should not enter a temple during these days. They are still following the same customs made by our ancestors years ago. Now, I am not saying that having faith in something is wrong. But supporting any superstitions based on some beliefs is completely odd to me. However, we can not do anything about it. 

The chocolate craver

There are some universal truths in our society that are accepted by everyone. One of the universal truths is that girls love chocolate. However, some girls crave for more chocolates during their period. They will always carry some chocolates with them. According to them, eating chocolate reduces their pain and helps them to control their mood swings. And when you try to ask them for some chocolates, all you get is a disappointment. They will never share it with you.

The always happy one

Last but not least, this category includes girls who are always happy. Unlike other girls, these types of girls will remain the same during their period. You will not be able to spot the difference during their periods and their normal days. They will not let that pain affect their happiness. 

These are a few types of girls during their period. If you feel related to it then please like and do share your views in the comment.

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