Types Of Greeting; Informal And Formal

Everyone wants to be an effective personality and so it is important to have a sense or way of greeting the person as it sets the first impression on the person. Greetings also showcase the background you belong to. The greeting style varies according to the culture, tradition and sometimes also by the relation you share with the person.

Some formal ways or terms used while greeting business colleague or elderly people:

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.

It is a way of saying ‘’Hello’’ by addressing to the time of the day it can be ’’Good morning’’, ‘’Good Afternoon’’, but keep in mind as you end your conversation one says ‘’Good Day’’ and also ‘’Good evening’’, ‘’Good Night’’, is a greeting but it isn’t used for initiating a conversation as if one meets the person late in the evening it is recommendable to greet with good evening and end by good night.

It’s nice to meet you.

It is a formal and polite greeting to use when you see someone for the very first time, by greeting someone saying it was nice to meet you, it shows how respectful you are and that you are delighted that you met him/her. But keep in mind that this greeting could use only when you see him/her for the first time and when you see them next time is could be as, ’’It is nice to see you again’’.

How have you been?

As you meet the person after a long time since the last meeting this could preferably be used to know how the person has been, is he/she good, doing well or not. This also can be used casually.

These are a dime of dozen greetings one uses in day-to-day life and while you greet someone to be polite and be generous. In working space greetings play a very important role as said earlier it reflects the background you belong to and also it defines how a person is.

Some informal ways or terms used while greeting friends or near ones:

Hi, Hey!

The way of greeting and importance remains the same the only difference here is from formal greeting is you can be a little relaxed and not be very disciplined while greeting. Hey, or Hi has highly used terms in youth nowadays it’s the way of saying hello, and it is also believed that hey is used when you already know the person and hi is used when you initiate a conversation with a person you haven’t met before. Be careful while using these terms or simply it can get the person mazed.

How are you?, How’s it going?, How’s life?

These terms are used on and off to know about the person’s life and how is he/she doing, it could be health-wise, career-wise or any other related topic that they were discussing earlier. Also, some prefer to ask about how is life going, is everything good, is there any issues or so on. As youth is always energetic and full of joy they are relaxed and make sure the people they are talking to feels the same.

Hiya, Howdy!

Some slang English terms to greet a friend or ask how are you? This term is highly used in Canada and U.S. Most of the slang terms for greeting originates from pop culture or the old English songs.

Yo, whazzup!

It can be said that it is the mixture of Hey, how are you? Or what are you doing? The youth uses these greetings not only on social media but also in real life when they see each other.

It was highly recommendable to not to use any of informal greeting terms informal working space even if the colleague is too close to you. Some social media slang terms or abbreviations used widely are:

1. TBT- Throwback Thursdays

2. LOL- Laugh out loud/ Lots of love

3. TBH- To be honest

4. IMHO- In my humble opinion

5. IRL- In real life

6. TL- Too long

7. DR- Didn’t read

8. xD- An emoji where ‘X’ is the shut eyes and ‘D’ is smiling face

9. OOTD/OOTN- Outfit of the day/night

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