Types Of Hackers In The Cyber-World

Security is a myth! that is what any good hacker would tell you. We all have heard stories that give us chills down our spines, making us think twice before we get afloat on our devices. Stories that tell us to close our webcams before heading towards a shady site or not clicking on links in random spams saving you from loss of pennies.

Now, these data manipulators use computers and networking tools to corrupt the device with viruses or to leak personal data, or sometimes you might meet some goody-two-shoes who help to deal with the security breaches or bugs on your apps, or those cyber cell officers who track down miscreants with armaments of technology.

so here we are to give you a brief lookout on types of hackers, so you know which of them to be wary of and which party to cheer for.

White hat hackers

These are your goody-two-shoes, certified, and authorized. The ethical hackers working with governments or organizations to provide security to identify loopholes in cybersecurity. They work under the cyber law, and usually are the computer science’ IT professionals’ who are certified to pursue as hackers. The most sought-after certificate is CEH (certified ethical hacker) from the EC council. These are the ones whose contact should be saved on your phones in case of a cyber threat.

Black hat hackers

Also known as the crackers. these are the miscreants and criminals the ones featuring in those creepy stories, they wreak havoc in the world of technology. They are the ones infecting your systems with viruses, stealing the personal data, causing website breaches, and hacking into government servers. FYI, they have malicious intent if you did not realize it already.

Grey hat hackers

We know that the world is not just white or black but rather something in between, that is how these hackers are they are not authorized but also they are not entirely bad. They don’t work for the good of the people (but could if they wanted to). They don’t commit crimes very grave (but could if they wanted to!). They seem less than completely above the board but often work for the general well-being. They comprise most of the hacker population.

Blue hat hackers

These are not your professional cybersecurity consultants but usually hired from outside to look for bugs or security issues before the launch of a product, app, or something else. Sometimes the IT professionals invited by Microsoft are also termed as blue hats.

Red hat hackers

These guys have some serious high moral grounds, they are out for blood, these vigilantes work a step ahead than the black hat hackers, they break all the rules getting them rid of the hacker community. these people have not so good intentions to make the networking world a better place. They don’t show mercy to their prey at all attacking the computers so ruthlessly that crackers would end up getting new systems.

Script kiddies

You can’t call them hackers, umm not really! they are just children playing around with hacking tools and scripts from other hackers. to achieve a task, usually to show off or get petty acts of revenge. They don’t care about hacking; they’re just getting their work done.

Green hat hackers

These are also the children of the hacking community but unlike script kiddies, they genuinely want to learn to hack and step into the hacking community as full-blown hackers. They don’t rely on tools or scripts rather work on their skills and are welcomed by other hackers as hatchlings, don’t take it very easy even to get there you need to pass interviews by your own hacker bosses.


These are your virtual versions of the activist. Working anonymously and getting unauthorized access to government or such files to further their political or social agenda.

State/nation sponsored hackers

These are the ones you saw in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible hired by governments to keep them safe from cyber-attacks and to get confidential information from other countries to get the political upper hand. Definitely paid handsomely. huh!! tom cruise!

well now you know about the types of hackers, but starting from script kiddies to red hat hackers, they all techniques, scripts and a good hand on the computer nerves and ofcourse! this job isn’t easy.

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