Types Of Hair Removal Techniques

Who in this world likes body hair?  Women all around the world are looking for hair removal methods that are less painful and much more effective which ultimately leaves their skin flawless and beautiful, but most women are confused of which treatment to choose from. Here is a quick guide to your perfect solution.


This method is quite quick and easy to do. All you need is a good quality razor. For shaving you just need to wet your skin or apply some soap and slide the razor over your skin and in minutes your smooth and flawless skin is ready. This method is one which is widely used in the western countries.  Also there is one common myth associated with shaving that it makes your hair growth hard which is not at all true. Shaving usually leaves your skin smooth but lasts for only 4-5 days, which makes it the best possible option for last minute plans.

Cold wax

Cold wax is similar to the hot waxing methods we usually see in the salon but this is much more easier to use as there is no hustle of heating the wax moreover there is no worry of burning your skin too. Cold wax comes in various options as cold wax strips and directly usable peel off cold wax. This pulls off hair from the roots and usually lasts for 12-15 days. This is a reliable method if you have heat sensitive skin and you do not like going to salons.

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams are yet another popular technique to get red off body hair. While choosing your hair removal cream it is very important to check the right variant which matches your skin type as many people face burning sensation and allergic reaction due to the hair removal creams. It is highly advisable to do a patch test first before using this method. This is a completely pain free method for hair removal and usually lasts up to 1 week.

Hot wax

Hot waxing technique is widely used all over the world in salon. Hot wax comes in various variants like chocolate wax, honey wax and rica wax. All of these vary in texture and aroma but the end results are almost same. It can be used on all body parts and does not involve much worry about allergies. Though it is a safe method but it is also more time consuming and expensive. Hot wax does not only pull off hair from the roots but also helps you get rid of that sun tan. It usually lasts for 2-3 weeks.


It a technique which involves the use of thread as the name suggests. This method is widely used to get rid of facial hair. It involves uprooting hair through the motion of thread over the area. It usually lasts for 2-4 weeks depending on personal growth. It is a completely safe method upon which you can always rely.

Laser hair removal

Laser removal method involves completely destroying the hair follicle by high energy laser light so that it does not grow again. It can be used to get rid of all types of body hair and usually lasts longer than any other hair removal technique which is about 6 months to a year too. Though it is a long term hair removal treatment but it is much expensive and may also lead to harmful side effects.


This method does not remove body hair but is used for slowing down the hair growth by controlling the hormones your body produces. Thus it does not work alone but you may use it after any hair removal treatment to slow down the growth of your body hair. Though most of such drugs work on the facial hair but there are a few that work on the other body hair too. Before taking any such drug you must consult a doctor.


Plucking or tweezing is another popular method which woman use worldwide to get rid of facial hair at the comfort of their homes. It involves using mini tong shaped tweezers to pull off hair from its roots. It is a painful method but an easy one which you can do at your home.


Electrolysis just like laser treatment involves completely damaging the hair follicle to prevent any further growth; however it is much more painful and expensive than laser treatment. On the contrary, it is a permanent and safe hair removal method suitable for all types of skin.  It generally involves 8-10 session for a complete treatment. If you are looking for permanent hair removal and are ready to take up the pain, it is the most suitable option for you.

Natural solutions

Yes, you heard it right! Natural solutions too can be a short term hair removal method. Although these methods are not much effective but they can definitely decrease the appearance of body hair. These solutions are made from concentrated sugar and honey solution which removes hair from your skin. These are the must try ones if you want to do something for yourself which is natural and homemade.

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