Types Of Handbags A Girl Must Own

Of course, girls do not step out without the bags, then be it hand bag, shoulder bag, sling bag. Let’s have a look on types of bags all the girls out there carry.

Shoulder Bag

Our all time favorite kind of bag, as this type of bag can only handle our small wardrobe that we carry all the time in bag. All brands have some kind of changes in the shoulder bag but it is the most go-to bag that every girl has and should have. 

Satchel Bag

These kind of bag are with straps which can be wore around the shoulder diagonally, and is generally in triangular shape. This bag allows you to keep some of the important stuff only and not the whole wardrobe. While buying a Satchel, it should be of good quality as it lasts longer. They can stand too on their own as they are stiff.

Sling bag

Just grab your money, cell phone and a perfume and put them in sling bag. This is cushy to carry and is of standard size, you can carry it in party as well as when you are shopping around.

Quilted Bag

Want to add some mode to your personality? Get this iconic bags which can give you both a formal as well as party look. This has some royal colors and that sleek chain of it is just a cherry on the cake.


Shoulder bag in party? Can’t imagine, so the clutch are made to carry in get-together or an event. These are small, vibrant and decent in look. It define ones personality. 


A compact bag to keep compact things as lipstick, keys, cash or cards. Clutches are for formal parties as they are not fancy, but the minaudieres are opposite, they are studded with pearls or have some really trendy stuff on them and can suit a DJ night or beach party.

Hobo Bags

Shoulder bag, Sling bag and repeat, doesn’t sound interesting so grab on the hobo bag and add something different to your bag collection, even this is a shoulder bag but not as wide as the real one. Again, has some soothing colors which makes it formal and funky both.


AH! I have a shoulder ache, no worries grab the wristlets and no more pains. Easy to carry, and have options in ways to carry either on wrist or hold in palms. A black wristlet and a silvery saree will pair well.

Beach Bag

How about bags with some really weird writings or with bright colours? Yes, that’s what you grab on your vacation mode. Probably, this can a bag for your road-trips or when you are on beach. There are many variations available in designs but the pattern goes same for all.


College going girls mostly believe in just carrying a wallet, it has some compartments which allows you to keep cards, cash. Either keep it in bag or hold it in hands. Sizes available as per your convenience and so do designs. The small ones are available and are foldable, makes it feasible to carry.


Since childhood to office one carries this, more compartments, broad bands, and one can stuff this bag with clothes, books, sometimes even laptop.

Duffle Bag

On a trip of 2-3 days, stuff this bag with essentials. Carry on back or in hands. Rectangular shaped bag with two broad bands. 

Drawstring Bag

School kids call this as exam bags, one carries it on shoulder it has narrow straps to wear and has to lock the pattern of potli, pull the straps and that’s it.

Fanny Pack

Small sized bag to put in your go-to essentials and is attached to belt and is also called as bum bag. Hands free and no worries.

Others are:

-Laptop bag

-Lunch bag

-Make-up bag 

-Tote bag

-Bucket bag

-Athletic bag 

-Halfmoon bag

-Doctor bag


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