Types Of Healthy Alternatives That You Should Know About

Who doesn’t like to eat junk?! Everybody does, but sometimes it is necessary for you to pay attention to what you eat while keeping your health in your mind and that is why we bring to you some amazing healthy alternatives or substitutes for the junk food that you eat. the taste will be similar and health will be in check, too.

Chocolate//Dark Chocolate


Whenever you feel like grabbing a chocolate make sure it’s dark. Dark chocolate is actually very nutritious and also contains antioxidants which helps keep you young.

Chips//Sweet Potato Wedges


Chips are one of worst fatty food that you could ever eat. Instead have sweet potato wedges which are not only tastier but also healthier. Sweet potatoes have high levels of beta-carotene and have been proven to raise levels of vitamin A in our blood. They’re also full of vitamins B6, C and D.

Ice cream//Frozen Yogurt


Ice cream are just churned and frozen fats and sugar. They both are the key problematic food that causes your body to gain unhealthy fats. Instead opt for frozen yogurt which is a lot lower in both and also contains probiotics to help our digestive system.

Beer//Spirits or Wine


Everybody has heard of the term beer belly and how common it is today. Beers have a lot of calories which leads to a bloated stomach. A pint of beer has 180 calories alone whereas spirits has just around 61 calories. Mixing it with soda and or sweet lime juice will give you a lesser fatty and also a tastier alternative.



Crisps are full of salt and saturated fats which when eaten in a huge quantity qualify as THE unhealthiest snack of the century. On the other hand home cooked popcorn with light salt or none at all can seriously make up for a healthier alternative.

Cake//Banana Bread


Cakes are just another fatty food that we have a hard time letting go. But to make for a healthier substitute one can go for a whole wheat, organic banana bread. It not only has tons of fibre but also whole wheat contains potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Sweets//Dried Fruits


Many of us have a sweet tooth that we hold dear that ends up in us splurging on foods that have high sugar and little to no nutritional value. Instead one can opt for dried fruits like dates, almonds and walnuts which are not only highly nutritious but also gives our body and brains an energy boost.

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