Types Of Heels That Every Girl Must Own

” Women owe a lot to the man who invented heels.”

– Marilyn Monroe

Fashion changes day to day but the craze for heels is something that is immortal. Heels were first invented for the men to wear but later women started wearing it more often and so now it a tribute of a lady. The heels were invented in the 15 century in Persia for the soldiers so that they may protect their feet from stirrups. Today heels play a vital role in the fashion of iconic fashion divas. There are many different types of heels that are paired with different outfits to enhance the elegance of the one wearing that. Though it seems very fascinating and beautiful to wear those 4 inches stick below your footwear but it’s actually very painful. Let’s discuss about different types of heels that are worn worldwide.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are very light and comfortable heels that are available in wide range of varieties in terms of colour and design. Kitten heels can go perfect with a set of formals or kitty parties. These type of heels are about 2 inches high maximum and are so very comfortable. Kitten heels can be preferred when you don’t want to carry heavy weight under your foot.


A pump is a high heel in which the front part of the foot including the toes are covered. The average height of these type of heel lie between the range 2-4 inches. Pumps are comfortable than those high heels with buckles. These are easy to wear and take it off. They are generally paired with formal wear. Ladies mostly prefer these to offices as they are comfortable to carry.


Stilettos are very high thin and long heels that are generally found above some boots or shoes. These range from 5-9 inches. Walking in a stiletto is not a cup of tea for all. It’s really very challenging to have proper command on your stiletto as it is not very comfortable. Stilettos give a very good posture to the person wearing it, thereby giving an elegant look.

Block Heels

A block heel seems more funky than a stiletto. They can have a low square heel or a cylindrical fashionable heel. They are generally available with buckles to support your ankle. The heel may range from 4-7 inches. Block heels have a larger surface area and so they they evenly distribute your body weight making it comfortable to wear. Formal suits, skirts, one pieces and pants can be paired with block heels to give a chunky look.


Platforms generally include shoes, boots and sandals with a thick sole. They may range between 3-10 centimeters in height. The sole of the platform shoe may be uniform or may consist of a stiletto or block heel along with it. Platform sandals mainly pairs with a one piece or any party wear dress. Platform boots are of great fascination for most of the people.


The wedge heel knocked the doors of fashion world in 1938. It was first designed by an Italian shoemaker. Wedges are more comfortable than normal heels like stilettos and pumps. Wedges may have very low to medium high. Wedges do not contain heel exactly rather they have a thick sole at the back than at the front portion, giving a raised platform look. Wedges can often be paired with casual clothes and can be worn on any occasion.

Cone Heels

Cone heels are triangular in shape. It is wide at the sole and becomes narrow at a point further. They are wider and hence more comfortable than a regular stiletto heel. Cone heels gives a very versatile look and are very attractive.

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