Types Of High Carbs Food To Avoid

A diet does 80% of your job of weight loss. It is very important to have a healthy diet with the right intake of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. A low carb diet is recommended not only for weight loss but also because it helps with health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

However a good low carb diet is a diet that cuts down on unnecessary carbs and fats. Those being→

Sugary Foods

Everyone is aware of sugary foods being the first thing that needs to be cut out when on a diet. That includes candies, soft drinks, sweet desserts, etc. that should be avoided at all costs. But sugar is sneaky and can be found in surprising places. Fruit juices, sports drinks, energy bars and even breakfast cereals are all high in added sugars and should be avoided when on a low carb diet. Someone suffering from an intense sweet tooth (me!) can have a fruit after dinner. Remember even fruits are high in natural sugars so limit yourself to one piece a day.

Bread, Grains and Pasta


Both white and whole wheat bread contain high amount of carbohydrates and is advised to be cut down as much as possible when on a low carb diet. Cutting down on bread, grains and pasta may sound difficult as these are usually a person’s go-to food however internet offers various alternatives and the recipes to use those alternatives that will help you meet your carbohydrate limit. A nutritionist or a dietician can also offer useful suggestions that can aid you in structuring your low carb meals.

Starchy Vegetables


Eating green leafy vegetables has been an ingrained habit of ours since childhood. Vegetables are very good for those opting for a low carb diet because they are high in fiber content which aids in digestion and weight loss. However vegetables like corn, potatoes, yams and beets have a high starch content which are best avoided when on a low carb diet. Choose vegetables like broccoli, spinach, squash, bell peppers, avocado, zucchini, asparagus, mushroom, cauliflower, etc. to fill your stomach and still get enough nutrients and fiber while moderating your intake of carbs.  

Beans and Legumes


Seeing beans on this list may come off as a surprise because it is said to be highly nutritious and healthy however this also tells us that there are plenty of options out there that have high but healthy carbs good for your low carb diet. Beans are filled with proteins and fiber and are a good choice for any other diet. But they and other legumes such as chickpeas and lentils are very high in carbohydrates. They can still be consumed moderately when on a low carb diet. Alternatives like meat, eggs and fish can be used to supplement your daily and regular protein intake. Avocados, nuts, broccoli and artichokes should be eaten to get enough fiber.  

Fat-Free Salad Dressings


Fat-free salad dressing sounds like the ultimate healthy food choice for whatever occasion however those fat-free salad dressings contain more carbs which is 10 grams in just two tablespoons. Instead of opting for a fat-free salad dressing go for one that is full-fat and creamy to minimize your intake of carbs. Alternatives like olive oil and vinegar together make for one good healthy and flavourful dressing that is bound to make your low carb diet a tab bit bearable.



Beer is a definite NO-NO for anyone who is planning to take up a serious low carb diet. On an average, one can contains around 13 grams of carbohydrates which is comparable to a slide of bread and bread is not good like we discussed earlier. Of course there is also this fact that consuming carbs in the form of liquid tends to make weight gain a more likely thing to happen. However all work and no play makes a low carb dieter a dull boy. So worry not because a person on a low carb diet can still enjoy selective alcoholic beverages such as dry wines which are very low in carbohydrates.



Milk may be your best chance at calcium intake but it is one of the last things that you should add to your low carb diet because it has a high amount of carbs in it. Although it is filled with nutrients such as calcium and vitamin B, milk is also high in sugar which is very bad for your low carb diet as discussed above. Adding a little bit of milk in a cup of coffee isn’t going hurt you unless you are on a strictest of all diets. For those poor souls on strict low carb diets can opt for dairy-free milk substitutes like almond milk or coconut milk.

A firm reminder for everyone that this is a general list for people on low carb diets and that it is highly advisable to seek out your doctors before you play with your diets. A little precaution with your diets can never go wrong.

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