Types Of Houses Which You Would Never Like To Own

Each and everyone of us would like to have our own house with all the required arrangements and facilities. It is always important to go through the availability of the required things in a house. We must make sure that the houses are well protected by walls and other defensive tools so that trespassers cannot enter a private property. There should be proper arrangement of water supply in that area and it should be built away from industries that produce toxic wastes and cause environmental pollution which can also be dangerous to our health. As mentioned earlier that we should look after a lot of things before buying a house, here are a few types of houses that we should not own.

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There are certain types of houses which are surrounded by liquor stores, train tracks and messy backyards. These create an uncomfortable environment. This is the reason why it is always recommended to buy houses that has a lake, pond or forest situated near to it.


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The houses that are built below the level of streets or in a down-slope get more water and this water does not get to drain quickly. So, it is always better to review the landscape of a property.


We should never buy a house that is built on any flood zone. In some cases, few houses are marked for flood zones as most of the flood maps are incorrect. So, one should always keep track while buying houses in flood – prone areas.


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A person should always check the values of the property in a neighborhood. It is always recommended not to trust the wholesalers as they pitch a higher price of the house compared to the original price.


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Some houses have liens in the form of unpaid loans or contractor bills and personal property tax. Such houses should not be owned and if we fall short of options, then that particular house should be examined by a licensed company that carries an insurance against such kinds of losses.


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It is always recommended to check the fuse box and check the wiring if it is a very old house. This is important because a certain amount of wiring can overheat and cause fires. Moreover, rewiring is expensive and it also requires the removal of ceilings.


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It is important that we should not buy a house as an investment as it is not so easy to deal and compromise with the tenants. Moreover, it is always better to invest the same amount of money in buying a better property or land.


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Houses having water heater tanks in the attic should always be ignored. The presence of water heaters can cause severe damage to the floor and walls. In a very urgent situation, if we somehow purchase such type of houses, it is important to check the water heater and see if there is any sort of damage in it.


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The houses that have gone through some sort of remodeling without permission should not be purchased by anyone. It is because the owner of the house might not have insurance covering the damage to the particular site of his or her house.


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A house that is being sold at a very high price doesn’t ensure it has a good layout and facilities. It is important to check that all the rooms of a house are properly connected with each other and is easily accessible. The houses that doesn’t have the rooms placed properly should definitely not be purchased or owned.

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