Types Of Incense Stick/Cones Fragrances That Help In Clearing Your Aura

Sometimes when nothing works then a small thing can and that is a incense. Incense are made of different fragranted masalas (powders) shaped like sticks which can be lit anytime. Incense sticks are a must have at every household because they help in cleaning the aura around you and keep you fresh and calm. They are also used at high-end stores and meditation spaces to keep the energy clear and at peace.

Here we are presenting to you some basic but powerful fragrant incense sticks that you should own and use on daily basis.


This is undeniably a very magical fragrance to smell to. It is used as a calming smell that provides mental and physical calmness. People tend to get appealed by the smell of it and that is why it is not only used in incense but also in food and beverages and perfumes. Best use of it is when people are meditating.


Sandalwood mostly comes from India and used a lot while meditating. Its smell heals negativity and fills you up with peace. Sandalwood is mostly used at ritual spaces because of its kind and low laid properties.


Rose is known for its significant role in lover’s life. It gives boost to both self-love and romantic love. It helps in maintaining openness between lovers and simulates the elated energy.


Strawberry or any kind of berry incense creates an aura of nature. The fragrance of it spreads sweetness and created a love-producing surrounding.


Incense cones in a stand and one yellow aroma flower on a wooden table. Aromatherapy theme background. Photo with color toning.

Citrusy incense tends to bring joy and make things bright. You should light this incense when you are tired and need to feel refreshed. They give a very blossomy vibe and can help you relax after a long tiring day.


Spicy incenses give festival feeling, exactly like fresh baked cookies or any kind of stuff at the time of some family gathering. They smell like happiness and celebration. The fragrance hits your brain and relaxes every nerve of your body.


Patchouli smells earthy because that is exactly where it derives from. Used in Indian rituals and the smell of its very strong but you can’t put a name on it or anything it matches with. It is very aromatic and it brings in attraction, sex and money.

Nag champa

Nag champa is a blend of sandalwood and floral fragrances. It is the most common incense stick you’ll find everywhere! It smells very familiar and that is why it can put your mind and body at ease. It keeps you grounded in general and while meditating


Lavender incense is the best to own because they give a very homey feeling. They have a cleansing aura and are very airy and refreshing. The aroma is gentle, calming and very soothing.


Jasmine is one of the most sensual and spiritual fragrance out there, it is known as the night queen as it bloom sin the nights. This incense has a deep impact on love life and dreams. Sleeping after lighting jasmine incense makes you sleep peacefully and at rest. It is a very sexed up incense in my opinion.


Frankincense is mostly used in essential oil and cure skin problems (wrinkles and discoloration), but not only this, the frankincense incenses is a blend of healing properties. Its fragrance can help you in purification and give you power/control over your life.


Cinnamon is the oldest yet very common incense you’ll find and you can find it anywhere and anytime. It has deep cleansing qualities and its sweet yet sharp smell gets you at ease very quickly.


Any kind of watery, floral or oceanic fragrance come under rain incense and you can light this up when you want to calm yourself down. It fights anger or any kind of discomfort. Light it anytime and it’ll do wonders to you.


Musk comes from reproductive secretion of mammals. It has sharper notes but it mixes with the floral fragrance, which makes it soothing. It works like a magical spell when lit.

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