Types Of Indian Street Food You Can Never Resist

India is a country known for its street food and most of the food lovers prefer street food over fancy restaurant dishes. There is not one city in India that doesn’t sell street food. You will see the streets swarming with vendors selling mouthwatering dishes here in India. Here are some special street food, you must taste!


Originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, dabeli is the perfect blend of softness and crunch. If you are in Gujarat, you’ll surely see big streets and narrow lanes filled with dabeli stalls. It may also be regarded as the cousin of vada pav and is prepared by stuffing spiced potato mixture in buttered paos that are grilled on Tawa.

Kathi rolls

Kathi rolls are available in each city of India. Yes, they are this popular. There is no denying the fact that Kolkata is the best on its Kathi rolls. Kathi roll is made with a soft filling of kebabs and raw veggies. Kathi rolls are not only a treat to the eyes but are so fulfilling to the palate too. The filling is stuffed inside a paratha, which is flaky and crispy.

Daulat ki chaat

Daulat ki chaat is another such street food item, which only makes an appearance during the winter months. This fine dessert is known by different names in different cities, such as Daulat ki chaat in Delhi, nimish in Lucknow, and Malai Makhan in Kanpur. It is a creamy and frothy textured sweet which is made by whisking sweetened milk for hours. It is then kept overnight in the open to soak in the dew, which gives it the perfect fluffy texture. The garnishing of malai, khoya, and powdered sugar gives this dish a mildly sweet taste.

Mirchi ke pakode

This popular street snack is made in Rajasthan and hence is also known as Jodhpuri Mirchi vada. The joy of gazing on those big green chilies that are slit open and stuffed with spicy and crunchy potato filling is above all. The fact which makes it more special is the crispy deep-fried coating of besan.

Kanji vada

This is a spicy and flavourful drink and is yet another popular street food flavored with rai, chili, and mustard. It is particularly fermented for over three-days and prepared with a variety of spices that give it a tasty- spicy flavor. Also, Bite-sized moong dal vadas are immersed in tangy flavored kanji makes it a perfect summer drink.

Chhole bhature

This is one of the most famous Punjabi street food which has won the hearts of food lovers. If you’re craving for something rich and soulful then chole bhature is a perfect choice. The combination of hot bhaturas with spicy and rich chhole is every foodie’s delight. If you happen to be in Punjab, then you’re likely to find a lot of street stalls offering this tasty delight. In Punjab, we have it with a tall glass of chilled sweet lassi which completes the whole meal. Punjabi’s can spend their whole life munching on chhole bhature.

Misal pav

All from its way through Maharashtra, misal pavis a spicy and flavourful curry, which is loved by people across the country. It is typically made with moth bean sprouts and a melange of spices. And not to forget it is topped with chivda, sev, chopped coriander, green chili, etc. It is best to pair it with buttered and toasted paos to make it taste even better.


Also known as Pani Puri, this tangy, minty, and spicy street food dish is the best solution for all your mood swings. These are crazily loved by the Indian women and taste the best when eaten from a roadside stall. It has a filling of mashed potato and boiled chickpeas dipped into the coriander water, pudina and tamarind paste would taste so heavenly.

Aloo ki Tikki

Aloo Tikki is one of the most loved street food from a wedding, a house party, or a market stroll everything is incomplete without having the delicious Aloo Tikki served with that tasty coriander chutney. Tikki is something that’ll catch your attention every time you are on a street stroll.


In Delhi, you won’t find a single street that doesn’t have momos stall. Momos in Delhi are as famous as the Taj Mahal is in the world. Though it is a dish originated in Tibet, the North Indians here love it to the core. The twists of masalas and stuffings, Every shop or stall you visit will at least have four to five types of Momos.

Tunde Kebabs

This dish will make you crazy because of its taste! It is one of the exceptionally delicious and the most preferred street food items in Lucknow. Primarily prepared with minced meat, it is also called Galouti Kebab. Haji Murad Ali was the man behind this dish and had only one hand and hence the name, Tunday.

Litti Chokha

This one is the Bihari version of Daal Bati Choorma, Litti Chokha is one of the dishes from traditional Bihari cuisine. Be it your breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner, Litti Choka can be the best rescuer from hunger. It consists of a spicy curry made from mashed potato and brinjal which is served with bread prepared from grams.


Thukpa finds its way in the seven sisters of India. Long noodles, strong spices, and fresh veggies are the highlights of this dish. The noodle soup is a pack of flavors and is a shield to deal with the chilly winters. You may also find its non-vegetarian variant in many places. Earlier it was restricted to the streets of North-Eastern India but it now has become famous in other states too.

Pav bhaji

Who doesn’t love pav bhaji? Another word for pav bhaji is mouthwatering. Hot and spicy bhaji when served with butter oozing pavs tastes is a blissful delight. Also, the tiny lemon and chopped onions beside the pao makes it completely dreamy. This dish is a thick vegetable curry combined with rolled bread and was originated from the Maharashtrian region of India and now the whole nation is a fan of pav bhaji.


Tunneling its way from the beaches of Maharashtra to other parts of India, Bhelpuri is a popular street food item. You’ll find numerous of Bhelpuri stall in a day selling this light snack. The best thing about this is that you can have it even when on a diet. The diet conscious ones can munch on Bhelpuri without counting calories as it is very low in calories.

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