Types Of Indoor Exercise Bikes

For people who want to work-out or cycle despite of rains outside, these types of indoor cycles help them a lot. If running is not your cup of tea or you’re an introvert who doesn’t want to go to the gym, while others are watching you, these cycles are a boon to have. You can call them home-friendly and user-friendly machines which help you maintain your fitness. These are the types of exercise bikes you must know if you want to get one:

Upright stationary bikes

These are uncomplicated and somewhat like a regular bike. However what’s different is, it requires the person to lean on to the handlebars in forward direction while pedaling. The advantage of these bikes is you can cycle both my sitting or standing on the bike.

Recumbent stationary bikes

These bikes are not like conventional bikes. It has a chair like appearance because of the vertical positioning of the backrest and the seat is placed horizontally. There are no handlebars and you can feel a stretch in your legs while pedaling. These bikes are comfortable for all types of people even if someone is too old or overweight

In-door cycle bikes

They look identical to upright stationary bikes since both are derived imitating the normal road bikes, however, there’s a difference in the way both these types function. There are no motors in In-door cycles while Upright stationary cycles use motors as well as electromagnetic resistance. Therefore, Indoor cycle resembles more accurately with the road bikes as the resistance is exerted through weighted flywheel system and provide an amazing workout.

Dual-Action stationary bikes

As the name suggests, these bikes provide an opportunity for not just your legs but also your upper-body. These can be bought in both forms of upright and recumbent cycles. You can push and pull the handlebars similarly to the pedals.

Extra features these bikes can have:

Interactive bikes

This feature enables you to enjoy technology by placing a huge screen on the handles of the bike to make your workouts less torturing. You can play games or ride virtual courses while exercising.

Folding bikes 

These bikes can be folded. Available in all types of bikes. Very efficient and convenient if you have storage problems.

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