Types Of Indoor Plants For your In-Home Garden

Go green indoor too! From cleansing the air to decorating the house to make it creative, indoor plants are the best to go with. After a long day of work at your home or office, the presence of such green plants acts as a tranquilizer. But one might be skeptical about the varieties of indoor plants available, and which are suitable for what type of indoor conditions? Most importantly, how do you take care of them properly?
So we have underpinned categories of types of houses or indoor plants.

Common house plants

This category includes – the Spider plant, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Jade Plant, Weeping Fig, etc. They are easy to maintain with minimum care.

It is easy for maintenance. It bears white flavours during the summer and spring season. With time, the baby spider is produced which results in new plants. It is a beginner-friendly plant.
We all are aware of the health and cosmetic benefits of Aloe Vera. They are adaptable to all kinds of conditions. It is easy to care for it.
They need a lot of care, as too little or too much water and sunlight can restrict its growth. It has glossy projections and a white flower which makes this plant appealing to the eyes.

Flowering house plants

These plants require more amount of light when compared to regular green ones. In and around the plant pot can become messy because of the petals. They make their presence felt in a house or office. Rose of China, Flowering Maple, Flamingo flower, Kaffir Lilly and many more to name, come under this category.

These plants are named in reference to its maple shaped leaves. It grows very fast to a considerable height. It requires an ample amount of light.
These are tropical plants and ergo needs a lot of care to sustain the indoor conditions. The flowers that blossom reminds us of Flamingo and hence its name. They have a subtle wax effect. But they are vicious and it is advisable to keep kids and pet animals away from them.
They are luscious plants with have tubular-shaped leaves that mostly blossom flowers in the spring. The flowers bear a vibrant pinkish colour that elevates the mood in the room.

Easy and low light house plants

These are the best kind of plants for millennials like us. They are easy to maintain. They even survive low light conditions. Some plants under this category are – Cast Iron plants, Corn plants, Dragon tree, Parlor Palm, and many more.

To kill a dragon tree is equivalent to impossible. They shed away sometimes but after changing its soil, they get back to shape. They must be kept away from excess or direct sunlight. Water these plants in limited quantities.
Moderate room temperature and water complement its growth. They have wide leaf-like projections and scale up to 4 feet when grown completely.
It is a plant that gives good vibes. They are more likely to grow in water. Indirect sunlight should be avoided.

Foliage house plants

These are not popular for their flowers. They are attractive because of the appearance of their leaves. They enhance the room’s decor. Aluminum plant, Chinese evergreen, Crotons are a few examples of these categories.

KENTIA PLANT: It is feather-like projections that grow up to 10 feet. It bears wide leaflets. They are easy to grow and adaptable to all indoor conditions. They grow faster than regular ones.
It needs basic conditions. It is one of the most popular decor plants. They barely produce any flowers. The most common height of these plants is 3-4 feet.
These are very much in demand. They are beginner-friendly plants. It’s best when grown in moist soil. They need bright light. They bear leaves of vibrant reddish-purple colour.

Cactus plant

Their appearance depends on its environmental conditions and habitat. They are available in all shapes and sizes. This category includes- Rats Tail, Peruvian Apple, Bunny ears, etc.

They are popular cacti plants that blossom attractive reddish-pink flowers with a lot more petals. They grow up to 4-7 inches wide.
It is a forest type of plant. They blossom bell-shaped flowers. They bear lush bright red or pink flowers in the spring season.
They grow up to pad type stems that have spines covered. They get their name from their appearance. The pads are shaped like rabbit ears.

Indoor Palm Trees

They are expensive plants. They lift up the mood of the room instantly. They grow to a great height and they must be repotted too often. They grow the best in subtle light conditions.

It is similar to the kentia plant. It had feather-like projections with wide leaflets. The growth rate of these plants is slow.
The most common name of this plant is dwarf palm. It has thinner leaves and it is easily manageable.
They scale up to 2- 8 feet and have a slower growth rate. Indoor conditions are the best for this plant, which stimulates its extra growth – to 14 feet tall.

Bulb Type Plants

These plants grow into a bulbous type of structure. They cannot adopt indoor conditions. They require a lot of care. Amaryllis, Beach spider lily, Belladonna Lily; are few to name.

They are bright plants. They strive for an ample amount of sunlight. They make their presence felt in large spaces also.
They bear trumpet-shaped flowers. They aren’t that liked by plant lovers. They require a lot of effort for it to grow perfectly.
They are easy to grow indoors. They look similar to spiders but they are appealing to the eyes. They produce sweet fragrance too.


They are the most attractive plants to be kept indoors. They are easy to care of and they grow beautifully under appropriate conditions. Plants like Rabbit foot, maidenhair fern, and Cretan brake fall in this category.

They have fear like and glossy leaves. They are best grown is moisture conditions. They are most preferred by all.
They are the easiest to grow. They grow in a hanging fashion. It is adaptable to all kinds of environmental conditions.
They are available in varied colours. Its propagation process is not easy. Otherwise, they are easy species to grow.

Living Stones Plants

They are interesting plants, but they are not easy to grow. They require a lot of care and maintenance. Their stone or pebble-like appearance makes them distinct. Most popular in this category are – Lithops, Argyroderma, and Conophtum.

They come shaped plants. They are also available in fig shaped. Summer temperature is most appropriate for this plant.
They are the most popular stone plants. They bear daisy-like flowers during the summer. They resemble exactly like a stone and seem to camouflage.
They blossom bright purple flowers. Its leaves look like an egg and these flowers boom out from a split in the middle.

Large Tea Plants

They have wider leaves. They improve the ambiance of the room. They require a lot of space than the usual plants because of their height. Heartleaf Philodendron, Zebra plant, Swiss cheese plant, etc. are some of the examples.

It has large leaves. They have dominating veins that add up to its look. It is easy to care for it.
Initially, they are small, but upon proper care, they grow up to 10 feet. They are available in varied species. Its height makes it stand out in this category.
They scale up to 5- 10 feet under proper conditions. They have glossy, wide leaves. They are available in many varieties on the basis of its appearance.

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