Types of Traditional Japanese Swords

Japanese are known for Ninjas and Samurais! They have cool techniques and prestigious swords to fight with! So here are some types of traditional Japanese swords.!

Shin Gunto Sword 

Japanese officers during World War – II, created this sword. It was handcrafted according to the need of the time. 

Tachi Sword 

These swords with longer and curved blades were used by Japanese warriors who rode on horse backs, to slice the feet off the foot of their opponents. Tachi swords later inspired variety of different swords and it can be differentiated from the rest by how it is worn and the blade fittings. 

Ninja Sword 

As the word suggests these swords were used by warriors clothed in Black, famously known as Ninjas across the world today. The swords are covered with a square case and are sheeny, unbending and linear. Shinobi of feudal Japan utilised these swords which is why the swords are also known as Shinobigatana, Ninjaken and Ninjato. 

Odachi Sword 

Odachi is a large length, two-handed sword used by on foot soldiers in the battlefield to tackle an enemy sitting on a horse back easily. Odachi closely means ‘field sword’ and was used only in large combat zones since the huge size of the sword didn’t permit it to be used elsewhere. 

Wakizashi Sword 

Wakizashi sword is usually paired with the Katana sword, it is a set of a long and a short sword, collectively called ‘daisho’ worn by the Samurais. Wakizashi being the short one here (30 – 60 centimeters), is used like a companion sword and a backup while Katana is used to kill. If warriors can control two swords at once, the ‘daisho’ pair is helpful at war times. Wakizashi is small and thus was used by warriors for safety even when they slept, it was placed beneath their pillows, or when they entered residential areas and important buildings, Katanas were supposed to be left out of the entrance while Wakizashi wasn’t considered as an offence. 

Wakizashi is also known as the ‘Honor blade’ since samurais committed the ritual of suicide using it, Seppuku. 

Katana Sword 

Katana sword thrived during the Muromachi period (1392 – 1573). It is 60 – 80 cm long, curvy, single-edged and slim sword donned by the Samurais. Traditionally worn by facing the edge upwards to instantly strike the enemy with a single draw. It has a guard which can accommodate two hands easily and is either round or square shaped. 

Tanto Sword

Tanto is 15 to 30 cm long and straight dagger used primarily for stabbing. It can be both double or single edged. 

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