Types Of Jeans You Can Wear On Your Next Outing

Like all your pants, jeans play an important role the waist will sit a little lower than suit pants, so anywhere from mid to upper hips is where the waist of the jeans should be – definitely nothing below that, plus the leg fit counts as well. Here, we have different kinds of jeans that you can wear while outing or at any casual event.


These jeans are snug fit around your thighs and knees. However they offer a slight leg opening which is what make them different from your skinny jeans.


These jeans are especially made to fit us naturally with breathing space for your thighs and waist. They taper towards the end and fit you nicely.


These jeans are probably the most popular and one of the only pair that go with right about any t-shirt or blouse. They hug all your curves (In all the right ways!) as they are snug throughout.


These jeans are probably some distant cousins of skinny jeans and leggings because they absolutely feel like it. These are a pair which look like jeans but are more of a legging material.


These jeans may have an odd name but trust me they look amazing when you have no time to dress up but still want to kill. They are similar to baggy the only difference being boyfriend jeans are loose around the waist and crotch area.


Loose fit jeans are popularly known as The Mom Jeans and rightfully so because they are as cool as the origin of their name. They are high waist and usually are baggy around the zipper and leg area.


Baggy fit jeans are best when worn properly. These are loose all over with just the ends tapered. Best worn with form fitting t-shirts or bodysuits.


Straight cut jeans are in true sense straight. They have a hem whose width is straight from hip to ankle and so give more breathing room to your knees and ankles.


Boot cut jeans are probably the younger generation’s tribute to the old fashion but just a bit more fashionable if you count the different patterns and colours they come in. They are snug around your thighs and taper towards your knees. From your knee down to your ankles, they widen or ‘flare’ as we call it to fit boots under your jeans.


These jeans are exactly what their names say. In this pair, the entire length of the leg is large with no fitting or tapered ends. Wide legs may be a tad bit difficult to rock but with the right basic t-shirt or t-backs and the perfect slides or heels, they’ll make you look tall and cool. What more could we ask for?

“So next time when you are heading out, remember to play with your jeans and choose a pair that make you feel good and confident

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