Types of Lipsticks You Must Have!

Lipsticks are a fun way to play around with makeup. But to truly find the one for you, you need to know all its types and looks so you can see which one suits your skin the best.

Cream Lipsticks


Cream lipsticks are probably the most common and most basic lipstick you’ll see. These are cream-based so they don’t dry out your lips, have good opaque coverage but are easily transferable. These lipsticks have more wax and give a smooth effect

Gloss Lipsticks


These lipsticks give a shiny, watery effect to your lips. You can put this on a cream lipstick or other kinds of lipstick to make them look more luminescent. These are also deeply moisturizing but they also fade easily so you will need to reapply.

Sheer Lipsticks


Sheer lipsticks can also be called satin lipsticks, these are very oil-based so they give you nice shiny moisturized look. It doesn’t look as watery as a lip gloss but it still leaves your lips moisturized. These lipsticks also need to be reapplied often.

Matte Lipstick

Elf Cosmetics Australia

The other most common lipstick is a matte lipstick These are drying, long-lasting and not shiny at all. These lipsticks have a smooth velvet finish and can really be pigmented. These lipsticks are very much in trend for a bold look.

Lip Tint


These are long-lasting, and they give the softest, most natural look. Once you put the product on, the gel or water base evaporates leaving only a gradient tint or stain on the lips. These are famous in Korean beauty routines.

Tinted Lip Balm

Root Pretty

Tinted lip balms are different from lip tints, they are like a lip balm with a little colour. These can be soft or dark but the colour goes away quickly so you have to keep reapplying throughout the day. These are primarily used as a balm and not for the colour.

Frosted/ Pearl Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics

This gives the lips a very frosted look. The lipsticks are iridescent and it makes your lips glisten and sparkle. These are common for a party look. These are generally in soft cold tones.

Metallic Lipsticks

As the name suggests, the colours in this type of lipstick are all metallic. They give your lips a very highlighted type of look and make them stand out. These are generally in bold dramatic colours.

Long-lasting/ Transfer resistant lipsticks

BLK Cosmetics

While many types of lipsticks can be long-lasting these have special formulas that are meant to stay on for 16, 24 or even 48 hours. These are waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and are heavy-duty lipsticks for people who have long events that they don’t want to bother retouching their lipstick in. 

Liquid Lipstick

Youtube, Cosmobyhaley

Liquid lipstick is the current trend in lipsticks. These can be matte, glossy, metallic or any other type. The main feature of these is they don’t come in the traditional lipstick crayon style, they’re liquid and thus they are easier to apply and manipulate on your lips.

Lip Pencils

CARA Cosmetics

These can be used to either outline your lips before applying a matte or any other liquid lipstick to give a clean, more defined look. Or sometimes you can just use the lip pencil to fill in your lips. These are relatively more long-lasting and have a dry formula.

Color Changing Lipsticks

For the last one, let’s talk about a slightly unconventional but fun lipstick. Color changing lipsticks are getting very viral these days. These lipsticks are green or clear in the packaging, but it changes to an ideal shade of pink according to the PH-level of the lips and skin.

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