Types Of Marketing Strategies That Work Like Magic

Without the right marketing strategies to fuel your growth, earning a good profit and surviving in the market is impossible. A good marketing strategy can increase your goodwill in the market, get you more customers, and hence a churning profit.

Use Social Media

In recent times where technology plays a very important role in a business, the presence of social media in a business cannot be ignored. There are a lot of aware people on social media who might as well be your potential customers. Posting your thoughts, products, and anything that you find relevant and useful that will catch customer’s potential customer’s attention can prove to be very powerful marketing.

Video content

Videos over texts catch more attention. Videos can be used to sell new-products concepts. You can post a ‘how-to’ video of a particular product or even a creative ad of your product/ service or business as a whole. Example – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. People head to YouTube for everything they want to know about. Why not use video content as a tool of marketing for your product?!


Posting your ideas or telling interesting valuable things about yourself or your business in a creative way can catch customer’s attention. Being out there, answering questions or queries, being in touch with people, and being consistent with your effort in blogging will help you market your business in an effective manner.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Spamming keywords and using link schemes to ‘trick’ Google would only give short-term results but if you do it the right way, the results surely would do wonders. Conveying your ideas/ content should be done in a way that is insightful, engaging, unique, and adds value. Doing SEO in the right way can land your business in a great position.

Get influencers that will help you grow your business

People follow social media influencers and they surely influence you in ways more than one. Be it lifestyle or fashion or food, you just have to get the right influencer to target the right consumer base.

Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great, powerful way to market just about anything. You can target by interest, age, relationship status, geographical location and so much more.

Build an audience with a Pixel

Pixels track everyone who comes to your site, and you can build custom audiences around them.

Use LinkedIn

Post a video on LinkedIn telling about your journey as an entrepreneur, the more effects your stories, the larger your potential reach when you go viral.


Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs/ people on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc and it’s a great go-to resource for all things business and hence, a great marketing strategy.

Use E-mail marketing sequences

Send automated messages to users once they subscribe to your list. Build a relationship with the subscriber. Be authentic and transparent, keep them engaged and updated.

Keywords attract clients

Keywords need to be placed in strategic locations in the text on your website and make sure you give them the best results for the topics your customers are searching for.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads work great. They are cheaper than print and have a greater impact.

Develop a Call To Action

Tell people exactly what they want them to do when they visit your site. The right call to Action converts visitors to sales.

Publish a Book

Writing a book and self-publishing it positions you as an expert in the field. Many business people even sell these on their websites.

Define your competition

This is the best way to make sure what you offer is different than your rivals in the same market. Doing a little research is invaluable.

Start tweeting

Social media is free. It’s one of the best basic marketing strategies to adapt to. Posting on Twitter helps you to engage with your target market.

Free Access

Free Access to a report or blog is a value added way to turn visitors into clients.

Drop Your Price

If your competition is close in price to your product, dropping those numbers can increase your volume in sales and give you an advantage.

Streamline Your Brand

Take the time to research who’s buying your goods and services. They funnel your branding efforts to the language and visuals that they want.

Test Campaigns

Social Media is a great place to monitor campaign results. Look at reactions to a Facebook page that’s linked to your latest campaign.

Create a Newsletter

Newsletters are quick and an easy way to keep the mailing list up to date about new products and services.

Include Images

Images capture the reader’s attention more than texts. They help your customers better understand the message that you’re trying to convey.

Run contests/ Giveaways

A quiz, game, or contest will attract the interest of visitors and is a great way to turn them into clients.

Launch a website

Having a website is a prerequisite regardless of the product you’re selling. Find a developer who can build you a good website.

Do a Podcast

You can start by just reading out your blog posts and your voice adds the personal touch that may connect your customers to your brand.

Organize a Seminar/ Webinar

A very basic marketing strategy but a very effective one. A webinar details your product, your strategies, how you work, etc.

Stress on Customer Service

Focus on customer feedback, solving their queries and finding a possible solution to their problems creates a great reputation and buzz around your products.

Giving discounts, and limited-time offers

Giving discounts and limited-time offers to attract customers to buy your product and also ramps up the scarcity of your goods and services.

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