15 Types Of Marriages You Shoud Know About

The first thing you will assume when you hear this topic is that, there are only two types of marriages present, one is love marriage and the other one is arranged marriage. If you think these are two default marriage types, then you are wrong. There are more than 15 types of marriages present. And in today’s article, we are going to see the different types of marriages which you do not know they existed.

Generally talking about marriages, there are different styles and types present based on cultures and religions, where a man and woman get married, form a family, have kids and live together for a long time. But what we are going see in this article is different. Something, which is beyond the rules and regulations of the society, religions and cultures, etc.

Now let’s move on to the types of marriages.

Love Marriage

Love marriage is a type of marriage, where two individuals get married based on mutual love and affection between them, irrespective of their background. This type of marriage is not accepted by people who are bounded by cultures and religions.

Civil Marriage

Civil marriage is a type of marriage, where the marriage is licensed and recognized by the state. This marriage is performed by a government official without any kind of religious affiliations.

Religious Marriage

As the name suggests, this type of marriage is recognized by a certain religion, where certain customs and traditions are followed. Some religions expect couples to get married in both civil and religious way.

Common-law Marriage

Two individuals who are involved in live-in relationship are called as common-law marriage. Here, the individuals are married without formally going into either religious or civil marriage. So there is no marriage certificate involved in this case.

Interfaith Marriage

People who come from different religious backgrounds get married then that marriage is called as interfaith marriage. It is not a simple type of marriage. Here either one of them must convert to the partner’s religion (or not, it is their call). 

Left-handed Marriage

Left-handed marriage is also known as Morganatic marriage where two people from unequal social ranks get married. Here the person with lower rank will not inherit any titles from the higher-ranking individual. 

Shotgun Marriage

This type of marriage takes place when two people, male and female are having a baby unexpectedly. So the marriage is mainly done to maintain the reputation of the people involved and some do this out of a desire for their child.

Mixed Marriage

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In this type, two people from two different races get married. Mixed marriages are also not that easy. Each one must learn about their spouse’s culture, habits and behaviors before getting married.

Same-sex Marriage

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As the name suggests, two individuals of the same gender get married. Same-sex marriage is illegal in many countries but nowadays, there are countries where this type of marriage is legal becase LOVE IS LOVE. DUH!

Secret Marriage

This is a civil marriage, where two individuals get married secretly without the knowledge of their family and friends. *SHH*

Monogamous Marriage

In Monogamous marriage, a person can only marry once in their lifetime and stay together until they end up getting a divorce or if their spouse dies. 

Polygamous Marriage

This type of marriage is exactly opposite to monogamous marriage where you have more than one spouse. It is also called as plural marriage. There were days when this type of marriage was common among some cultures. But today polygamy marriages are against the law.

Arranged Marriage

I am sure you were looking for this one in this article. It is a type of marriage where everything is planned and fixed by the families of the bride and groom. Mostly the bride and groom do not know each other and they rely on their families decision to get married. 

Zombie Marriage

This is a case after marriage. A Marriage is called a zombie marriage when both husband and wife put up a “pretend” happy act together. But the reality would be total opposite of what they portray.

Companionship Marriage

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Companionship Marriage is a type of marriage where it is not about children. Some people get married for friendship or to have someone to socialize with or any other reason. The couple is not passionate about love or romance.

Safety Marriage

Some people get married for money, or financial security while they keep pursuing their passion or whatever goals they have in life, without disturbing their spouse. But they support each other when any problems occur financially.

Starter Marriage

When a couple wants to try out marriage for a certain amount of time without having kids, then it is called starter marriage, where the individuals sign a legal contract after which they can stay together and renew their contract or move on to a different relationship.

Living-Alone Together Marriage

This type of marriage is meant for people who prefer their personal space even after getting married. Even though both people will stay committed to the relationship, and continue to live seperately as a measure of autonomy.

Court Marriage

In India, under the special marriage act of 1954 couples can directly get married in court and they can apply for the marriage certificate directly to the magistrate. This marriage is free from any caste and creed, culture, religious obligations.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the different types of marriages. I hope that you enjoyed and got flabbergasted while reading some of the marriage types in this article. Now if you are single, tell which type of marriage you are planning to do in the future in the comment section.

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