Types of Mesmerizing Gemstones Used in Jewelry

A gemstone is a portion of mineral crystal often used to make jewelry and other ornaments in a cut as well as a polished manner.

While passing through antiquity, gemstones however have played a key role in ceremonies and mythologies. Specific stones have their very own special color and sense.

The gemstones have their power, origins, and value in one’s world. Many gemstones have been found in history, although others have currently been exposed to the world.

Below is a wide variety of gemstones commercially available that could be used in jewelry making.

Alexandrite or June Birthstone

Alexandrite Gemstone

Alexandrite Gemstone is indeed an uncommon mineral Chrysoberyl and will be an extremely pleochroic gem.

Alexandrite was found in the mountains of Iraq in 1930 and is obtainable in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. It is the magic of the natural world and changes color.

Alexandrite is the birthstone of the month of June. It is also identified mostly as a magic gemstone because it keeps changing its colors as the moment whenever it is viewed through.

At just the time daylight, the blue color with a mossy green influence. It goes red throughout the lamplight at night, with just a glimpse of raspberry color.

It promotes instinct and imagination. It also aims to get you creative.

Amethyst or February Gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is a range of the Quartz community, stained with markings of manganese, iron, and titanium. The name of Amethyst arises from the Greek name ‘Amethystos’ meaning ‘Not Intoxicated or Drunken.’

The color varies from pale lilac to somewhat deeper reddish-purple. Darker colored amethysts are much more valuable. The hue of the gemstone is so appealing that it appears to fit in both gold as well as silver.

It is indeed easily available as well as the gorgeous colored stone that could be made in several shapes. A wonderful stone to keep in one’s wardrobe is the stone of February.

Gemstone jewelry with any of this stone provides your persona a sophisticated appearance. It’s the prehistoric belief that it tends to help the person wearing to think highly about solutions.

Aquamarine or March Birthstone

Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine is a Beryl mineral range. This is a gorgeous gemstone spotted in colors such as the sky blue to the deep blue color of the ocean.

More the powerful the hue of the Aquamarine, the more the valuation it has. The initials itself indicates the color scheme of the stone.

The gemstone is very good for the people who’d been born in March. It is indeed a gem that softens the connection between two people and is therefore a great present for newly married couples.

This beautiful diamond represents hope, wellness, riches, and faithfulness. The color scheme of the gem also represents the afterlife, i.e. eternal life.

Citrine Gemstone

Citrine Gemstone

Citrine is a range of quartz minerals. This radiant, lemon-yellow gemstone is named after the French word ‘Citrin,’ which means ‘Yellow.’ There are not too many yellow gems throughout the globe, so Citrine fulfills everybody’s color desires, from reddish-brown to lemon yellow, at an inexpensive price.

It comes in a multitude of appealing forms. It’s conveniently available for a reasonable price.

The light of the stone offers a glimpse at the sun, and therefore it is thought to be a blessing to it. The hue gives it a dashing look when it’s ornamented in gold jewels.

It is assumed that the citrine stone should be carried to safeguard one from the poison of snakes and demons. It represents progress and happiness, too.

Diamond or April Birthstone

Diamond Gemstone

Diamond is derived from a Greek name Adamas, meaning indestructible. There is no other gem known to humankind which is made up of a single component, carbon, other than graphite.

Diamond has been made entirely of carbon encapsulated in a cubic configuration. Diamonds are indeed the hardest of the various types of precious stones.

Admired all over the globe, diamonds as jewelry are extremely attractive both to males and females when studded in gold, silver, or platinum.

Accessible in several sizes and colors, it is said to have formed when the thunder hit the stone and started to turn tough in the core of the earth. This is the most coveted gift for lovers, symbolizing everlasting passion and longing.

Emerald or May Birthstone

Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is one of the most valuable gemstones and perhaps a range of mineral beryl hued green with trace levels of chromium and even sometimes vanadium.

Most emeralds are generally classified as poorly resistant to breakage. It’s a cyclosilicate. Emerald is among the rarest gemstones ever found.

The greenish color of the gemstone is deep green with a blue tint. They very often involve an instinct, which implies a birthmark.

It is often assumed that the prehistoric mummies had been made with only an emerald next to their necks, which indicates eternal youth.

The Emerald seems to be the pillar of spring and Venus. It symbolically represents rebirth, fertility, and love.

Garnet or January Birthstone

Garnet, a precious gemstone created with silicate minerals. It is obtainable in Africa, Russia, Sri Lanka, Rhododendron, and Namibia.

It is typically associated with red color, and though it’s generally believed to be a red gemstone, there are granite stones available in a wide variety of many other colors, such as purple, pink, green, black, orange and yellow. This special stone throughout the gemstone list is often named a rainbow gemstone.

For all this cause, it is popularly used as a gifted stone. It represents safety as it keeps fears and injuries away when traveling.

Jade Gemstne

Jade Gemstone

The jade gemstone is shown to be an imperial stone because it was ornamented mostly in crowns of many great emperors of olden history.  It varies from opaque to translucent and maybe black, brown, white light to dark green, white or yellow.

Gemstone jewelry of Jade is also very well recognized in a culture like the Darbar as well as the Maharajas in current times. Current gemologists now use term jade as a common expression both for nephrite and jadeite.

It’s a seamless, shimmering gem. It is said that jade is a sign of security, fertility, and wealth.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

The word lapis lazuli on its own explains the shade of the gem. That’s a blue gem. Lapis lazuli, a semi-precious rock highly prized because of its deep blue coloration.

The origin of the aquamarine pigment is not a mineral but perhaps is a lazurite-colored rock. In fact to its sodalite ores in lapis lazuli, small quantities of white calcite, as well as pyrite crystals, are frequently visible.

This stone is often recognized as a royal rock because it was cherished in ancient times by royal families. Available In two colors, the ocean blue, and sky blue, they attract wearers in one glance.

The jewel is said to be vital to keep the limbs strong and shield the soul against envy and fear.

Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstone is a range of ortho classic feldspars mineral. It is assumed to have been formed first from the cold breeze of the moon.

During creation, orthoclases as well as albite are separated into multiple layers. When light strikes in between thin lines, an effect called adularescence is spread. Adularescence is the glow that makes it appear to be flickering through a gem.

Among the different colors, the stone of the moon with a bright blue color is the ideal stone with the fullest clarity.

It’s widely obtainable in countries like India and Madagascar. It signifies harmony, riches, and faithfulness.

Morganite Gemstone

Morganite Gemstone

Morganite is a part of the beryl clan. Morganite has a wide variety of pink shades due to patches of manganese. The morganite is the gem that is the personal fave of almost all the women in the world.

Recently, this jewel has shown a growth in prominence and demand. Like many other beryls, morganite is an outstanding jewelry stone.

It’s bringing coolness to the appearance. Because it is appropriate both for gold and silver, it’s the dominant stone in the jewelry industry.

The stone, because of its smooth experience, represents divinity, affection, prosperity, and charisma.

Onyx Gemstone

Onyx Gemstone

Ever imagined wearing a black gem!  Here is the onyx stone which is black and fashionable as well. Onyx mainly refers to a parallel crested multitude of silicate ore chalcedony.

Agate, as well as onyx both, is variations of multilayer chalcedony which deviate just in the shape of bands: agate seems to have curvy bands while onyx has parallel bands.

It will never be out of fashion and therefore is in high demand. It offers the wearer a stylish feel. Also accessible in color schemes such as brown, white, and red, but the most preferred choice is black.

The onyx is perhaps the gem that protects the bearer from demons and demise mares.

Opal or October Birthstone

Opal Gemstone

Opal is a famous gemstone, primarily because of its fantastic range of different wonderful and complex colors.

Opalescence is amongst the incredible features of this jewel. Opalescence is some kind of lighting play that occurs to some high-quality gems. Light reflects and echoes around very tiny stone structures, making it a beautiful glow and even iridescent.

Often recognized as the queen of diamonds, there are rainbow tones of blue and green lights, yellow and red flashes, etc. It provides a realistic appearance with any color. The black opal has a special hue.

It represents hope, purity, innocence, trust, loyalty, and faithfulness.

Pearl or June Birthstone

Pearl Gemstone

Pearls have been the only jewel obtainable in a life form, the shells of the sea.

Another June Birthstone, generally white, occasionally creamy or pinkish in coloration, but it may be glazed with green, yellow, blue, black, purple, or brown.

Pearls are available in a variety of shapes: circular, button, semi-round, drop, pear, baroque, oval, and ringed.

Flawlessly round Pearls are indeed the rarest and perhaps most costly of all. Pearl must be treated very cautiously. A pearl is thought to be the tears of God.

The actual pearls are difficult to acquire and therefore the manmade pearls do seem to be available in multiple colors. They offer the jewelry a classic style.

Pearl represents purity, spirituality, knowledge, integrity, womanhood, etc.

Peridot or August Birthstone

Peridot Gemstone

Peridot, also recognized as chrysolite, is among the ancient semi-precious gemstones throughout the world. Peridot is one of the few gemstones in one shade, lime green.

It is named the “Evening Emerald” for its light green color. Peridot is Egypt’s national gem. In the early days it was recognized as “The Sun’s Gem.”

It’s obtainable from Myanmar, Pakistan, China, and Arizona. Accessible in different shapes, it brings the range of jewelry to a different level. It is also cost-effective and easily obtainable.

The bearer of this jewel is assumed to have the strength of healing and to be safeguarded from nightmares.

Rubellite Gemstone

Rubellite Gemstone

Rubellite seems to be a transparent, uncommon, most valuable, and costly jewel from the vibrant group of tourmalines. Another title given to this wonderful gem is the red Turmaline.

The color scheme of the gem is a mixture of red and pink ruby. The shade can range between red to violet to light as well as dramatic pink. Its title comes from the Latin term “rubellus,” which means reddish.

The gem glows in the same manner in the morning as well as in the lamplight. It is presumed that it enhances the root chakra and the heart chakra of humans as it correlates to the planet earth and heart.

It is a symbol of brilliance, passion, strength, and life. It also presents serenity and equilibrium to the wearer life’s journey.

Ruby or July Birthstone

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby has been pink to a red-blooded gemstone, categorized mostly as valuable gemstone referring to corundum clan. King of gemstones, ruby has been the personal fave of royal families in earlier civilizations.

The biggest appeal of this gemstone is the array of shades it has. Highly abundant in the valleys of Myanmar, Burma, and Tanzania, it is commonly used for jewelry production of various styles.

The shade of ruby itself reveals that it represents passion, devotion, divinity, strength, and emotion. When presented, it gives lots of luck as well as a fortune to the recipient.

Sapphire or September Birthstone

Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire is a valuable gemstone, and the name on its own suggests the shade of the gem, violet-blue.

However, it is available in a wide range of many other color schemes such as orange, green, yellow, pink, colorless, purple, and black. This color range is because to trace quantities of components such as magnesium, chromium, titanium, iron, or copper. 

They are readily accessible in several parts of the world, but valuable pieces are reported in Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

They’re among the few precious gems. They offer an elegant appearance when studded in design options.

The sapphire symbolizes honesty, purity, trust as well as loyalty. It could, therefore, be the greatest present of commitment to one’s love.

Spinel or August Birthstone

Spinel Gemstone

Spinel is a magnesium/aluminum part of the wider number of minerals within spinel. Its title is derived from the Latin term “Spinella,” which implies the spine regarding its sharp crystals.

The spinels have quite a similar appearance to something like the ruby and are thus also recognized as the child of the ruby.

They are infrequently available in different patterns and colors. Once studded in jwelry, they offer the wearer a classy look.

It is a common belief that the spinel-bearer is protected from trauma, sadness, and is capable of solving differences in relationship issues.

Tanzanite or December Birthstone

Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite is a range of zoisites. The prestigious color scheme is deep blue, with a purple pleochroism.

It is accessible only at one venue, Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya. The gem is present in a range of colors and shapes, making it suitable for jewelry design. It’s the only gem throughout the list of gemstones accessible in a velvety color scheme with purple tints.

The magic gemstone is very efficient for psychological health. It offers post energy for the fight against negatives. It helps in exploring oneself, too.

Topaz or November Birthstone

Topaz is part of the Quartz chain. This gorgeous gemstone has been most frequently found in a yellow shade. The word topaz is taken from a Sanskrit name ‘Tapas,’ which means ‘Fire.’

A Topaz transforms into bright blue when revealed to heat. Further, Topaz is said to be the potential to manipulate color whenever it’s close to venom.

The gemstone comes in various pleasant color schemes. Pink and orange are the most expensive topaz gemstones. The gemstone looks stunning, offering a beautiful design to the jewelry made of silver as well as gold.

The ancient civilizations assumed that the Topaz had the power to heal as well as defend. It’s a magical gem because when you beam at it, customers feel fascinated by it.

Turquoise or December Birthstone

Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise is among the world’s oldest gemstones. Besides being prehistoric, Turquoise is indeed the birthstone of December.

Its different blue shade has attracted folks to this piece for decades, and it’s a sign of recovery, riches, and fortune. The turquoise is perhaps the egg of robin.

It is incredibly clear, transparent as well as readily accessible in cool, serene color schemes. They are also identified as a matrix because they have a similar design to a web of spider.

The blue turquoise seems to have the ability to heal and also to carry prosperity, good fortune, and riches to the person wearing, and also to protect one from evil eyes.

Zircon or December Birthstone

Zircon Gemstone

Stone is uncommon and inexpensive, so it is very trendy in gemstone jewelry. It’s the earliest known jewel on the planet, found often in the crust.

Zircon is found in a range of shades, such as dark red, orange, brown, yellow, and green, but perhaps the widely famous and well-known type of Zircon shades are vibrant Caribbean Sea shades.

Also, the birthstone of December, Zircon is connected with gratitude, wisdom, wealth, and relax.

It assists the wearer to be away from bad dreams and to sleep in silence. Also, it brings benefits, dignity, self-respect, knowledge, and understanding, as well as heightens one’s feeling of love.

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